In a data-driven world, isn’t it time we harness the power of data to improve business practices stuck in neutral?

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We are a services marketplace fully dedicated to helping our customers find the right cybersecurity resources and data privacy resources for their unique needs.
We build bridges over supply and demand gaps for critical domains, bring efficiency to the process of identifying and procuring hard-to-find resources, and empower our community to contribute to our collective success. We do it by harnessing the power of our data.
Cybersecurity resources and data privacy resources wanted

Data's value continues to rise with its central role in modern services. Unfortunately, organizations with legitimate reasons for collecting and using it aren't the only ones who have taken notice. Today's cyber criminal is well-connected, well-funded, and well-equipped. Their victims suffer tarnished reputations, financial loss, and reduced customer trust in the aftermath of a data breach. As a result, the search for highly skilled cybersecurity resources and data privacy resources has become a business priority.

Seemingly daily, we are reminded of the need for better data protection practices.  News stories about the latest hack are front and center, yet organizations have different challenges in finding and retaining the right resources to protect their key assets. Demand outpaces available supply. Job descriptions with exceedingly high skill and experience requirements remove potentially good candidates. Stiff competition exists for top candidates.  Regardless of strategy, most organizations understand the importance of bringing in quality resources to protect their critical data.

Multi-dimensional and context-relevant filters allow customers of Elite Security Network to more efficiently find the right job candidates and service providers for their unique needs. With a data-driven approach, we continually improve our customer experience and the relevance of our matching. By doing so, we also take incremental steps towards achieving our mission of effectively bridging resource gaps for cybersecurity and data privacy.


Elite Security Network's search services help our customers identify the right resources for their unique staffing, project, and managed service needs.


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Given today's threat landscape and a demand that outpaces supply, staffing for cybersecurity and data privacy roles has proven daunting for even the most experienced staffing specialists. Top experts typically come at a premium price, so why should hiring organizations have to pay a premium for identifying and connecting with them? We provide staffers with tools that help them more effectively reach the right candidates.
Organizations in need of cybersecurity or data privacy help may not always have the operational complexity or budget to justify building out a full-time staff to protect their key assets. Turning to an outsourced service provider for projects or managed services allows an organization flexibility and cost optimization. Given the sheer volume of providers available, how can an organization even trust that it has identified the agencies that will hit the right check boxes and deliver what they need?  We provide tools that help our customers efficiently search for and identify the right service provider for their unique needs.    


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Organizations and individuals who serve as resources for Elite Security Network's customers can expect new business opportunities by showcasing their talents to a targeted audience. Learn more and sign-up using the appropriate entry point below.


With unemployment rates for cybersecurity and data privacy experts practically non-existent, career opportunities couldn't be greater.  Hiring organizations face the prospect of losing key staff and having to quickly back-fill critical positions.  Positions remain unfilled despite best efforts. We provide job candidates with tools to explore new opportunities, be found more effectively, and take the next big step in their career. 
Specialist agencies and managed security service providers deliver solutions that help organizations secure their core assets and improve their trust narrative.  How can service providers more effectively position their offerings against those of their top competition? We provide tools that help customer organizations narrow this broad landscape, while providing our network's service providers with new business opportunities and more targeted leads.



Elite Security Networks views education as a means for helping improve demand shortages and driving new job candidates into the fields of cybersecurity and data privacy. By connecting schools with students searching for their curriculum, we can help foster this positive trend. Learn more and sign-up using the appropriate entry point below.

Universities and technical schools offering curriculum in cybersecurity and data privacy are critical players that help reduce supply shortages today's organizations face when looking for top talent. By providing students with the prerequisite knowledge and skills to face an ever-evolving market, these institutions produce graduates that help businesses with their toughest challenges. We provide these schools valuable tools for showcasing their top programs and helping their graduates more effectively navigate to the workforce.  
Students interested in pursuing career paths in cybersecurity or data privacy have a bright outlook. We provide students with tools to help them during their educational journey. Our data helps them research the right school, find internships, and eventually land their dream job.