Add Experts

Because Elite collects engagement feedback at both an agency level and individual level, any experts assigned to an engagement needs to create their Expert connection profile.  Doing so allows customer organizations to submit feedback for each expert on your engagement if they choose to do so.

Feedback that your experts receive is aggregated and added to your agency profile as an aggregated expert feedback score.  This aggregate expert feedback score gives future customer organizations visibility into the actual individuals who may be assigned to their project, helping you land new business on the network in the process.  Aggregated expert feedback is applied to your profile regardless of whether the customer submits feedback for each expert separately or combines their expert feedback to one score shared by all experts on your engagement.  Your aggregated expert scores stays with your agency as a future reference point for customer organizations when considering agencies for their projects.  Each expert also carries forward their respective feedback scores that they received as individuals, which become a permanent data point on their Expert Profile that may be shared or not shared based on preferences.

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