Building Blocks

Profiles, data, collaboration, and feedback drive Elite's strategy for bridging supply and demand for cybersecurity and data privacy.

Serve as the primary mechanism for connecting our network's participants.

Drive value for individuals and organizations.

Evolve as new risks and business models are introduced into the market.

Leverage community feedback to drive a perpetual state of improvement, making profiles more targeted and relevant over time.

Are free to create, update, and maintain.

Is not available on the open internet.

Is only available to users of the network, a closed and managed platform.

Provides context and additional points of consideration when customers and employers are looking for service providers and experts.

Provides real world engagement details that facilitate career growth for experts and business growth for organizations.

Empowers the community to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Drives value-add relationships and partnerships between network participants.

Allows the Elite platform and overall experience to be shaped by its community.

Allows the "good guys" to collaborate in a similar fashion to hackers and apply a "strength in numbers" approach to fighting cyber crime.

Engagement Feedback 

Feedback & testimonials are provided by customer organizations for both agencies and experts performing their work.

Agencies may respond to any piece of feedback, and this becomes part of the overall feedback record for a given engagement.

Customer organizations provide either aggregate-level feedback or individual-level feedback for the experts on their engagements.

Agency feedback must be shared.

Expert feedback may be shared or not depending upon the sharing preferences of the expert.

Feedback is one of several elements that levels the playing field between participants.

Platform Feedback 

Feedback is integrated into all data collection forms.

Feedback allows the community to help shape our platform, our processes, and our potential.

Platform feedback for features and overall experience may be submitted by each participant through their dashboard.

Hiring Organization Feedback

May submit optional feedback for a hired expert after 1 year on the job.

Data, profiles, feedback, and collaboration elements work together to feed our approach and build credibility.

As a network of security and privacy professionals, we work together to mitigate ecosystem risks.

As the network's numbers grow, so do the benefits for organizations and individuals.

Healthy competition drives improved results and overall ecosystem value.