Find the right expert for those hard-to-fill positions, narrow your list of candidates using the right data, and take time back to focus on what you do best.

Stiff competition for top talent

Staffing for cybersecurity and data privacy roles is challenging.  Finding the expert that checks all the boxes sometimes feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. Skill and experience requirements in job descriptions often set the bar incredibly high, cutting off potentially excellent candidates in the process. Hiring organizations looking to add the right specialist to their staff face stiff competition in the marketplace. Companies of all sizes struggle to find the right candidates for newly opened positions, given the high demand and low unemployment for cybersecurity and data privacy professionals.  They may also struggle keeping high-performing employees in critical roles and be forced to quickly back-fill their position. Elite Security Network provides HR professionals, staffing agencies, and hiring organizations with tools that efficiently connects them to targeted experts and specialists.

Data-driven approach filters top candidates

We make it faster and easier to narrow the list of candidates for your open cybersecurity and data privacy roles.  Multi-dimensional data filters allow you to input specific skill and attribute categories most relevant for these domains. Attaching tags to your job posts sends notifications to those experts with matching skills and experience. You may also browse the virtual resumes of the experts on the network who are actively searching for new opportunities using similar filters. Input your skill, attribute, and experience requirements and you are returned the top expert resumes currently published.  Virtual resumes are more robust and powerful than online career profiles.  In addition to being tagged with top skills across relevant categories, candidates may attach work samples, videos, and other links that provide you greater insight into what makes them stand out as a quality applicant.  There is no sorting through endless pages of online profiles, which may or may not contain the relevant skills you're looking for.

On-demand candidate search options that are economical, efficient, and effective

Elite Security Network's candidate pool is targeted. Our candidate search service options are flexible and don't require a seat-based license or ongoing subscriptions. Our candidates are individuals with specialized skills and experience in cybersecurity and/or data privacy. Multi-dimensional data inputs help filter those candidates from the pool that are most likely to align with your key requirements. You can either bring the candidates to you with tagged job posts, or search for candidates and contact them directly by browsing the published virtual resumes on the network.

Does the position require candidates who can interpret code or perform programming functions in addition to building your company's security policies and processes? And if so, in what languages must they have functional experience or fluency? Outside of programming, what other key technical skills must the candidate possess? What are the non-technical considerations?  Is it a full-time or contract position? 

Let us help you answer these questions and identify more targeted candidates for your hard-to-fill positions. If the right candidate isn't available on our network, contact us about our concierge service option. This option requires a more traditional referral commission if we place a candidate on your behalf.


Staffing with existing methods
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Expand the panes below to see the relationship between hiring organizations and job candidates on Elite Security Network.

Seek job candidates in these domains to:

Fill net new roles as new technologies force a demand shift in the market.

Fill existing roles vacated by employees in core company functions.

Reduce risk by bringing in experts with targeted skill sets.

Hedge against the risk of losing key experts on their staff for these areas.

Use Elite's job board and virtual resumes to:

Post their open cybersecurity and privacy positions.

Browse expert resumes based on skill and attribute categories.

Receive top resumes based on entered skills and attributes.

Contact experts that appear a good fit for the organization.

Have skills that are in demand in today's marketplace.

May want to test the market and find a position that better suits their newly developed skills or long term career goals.

Want to signal their intent to pursue new employment options and let potential employers know of their free agent status.

Want these potential employers to have easy access to their skills and resume.

Want to land the perfect job that is custom fit for what they offer the marketplace.

Use Elite's job board and virtual resumes to:

Get visibility from hiring organizations looking for their skills.

Store and post one or multiple digital versions of their resume.

Attach top skills and attributes to their resume for easy identification by hiring organizations.

Browse available jobs from their dashboard and apply with one click.




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