Our connection cycles provide guardrails, consistency, and transparency that help drive positive and successful outcomes.


Service Provider Search connects two companies on the network for a project or managed service.  The connected parties in this scenario complete an “engagement cycle.”

Select finalist service providers, perform interviews, and solicit additional references or validation - customers

Customers review the information sent by Elite, selects their preferred finalist service providers, and is provided contact information for the finalists.

Customers contact finalist service providers, perform interviews, and solicit any additional validations or references necessary to make their decision.

Select winning service provider - customers

Customers notify Elite of their chosen service provider.

Customers and their chosen service provider sign a separate contract outlining project outcomes, milestones, or any other pertinent details relevant for their engagement.

Elite assigns an engagement ID for the upcoming engagement between the connected parties.

Perform Work

Hold a kick-off meeting - customer and service provider

A kick-off meeting allows connected parties to address any remaining open questions or concerns prior to beginning the engagement.

Update engagement status setting in Elite dashboards to "In Progress."

Perform the work and report on progress - service provider

Service provider performs the work outlined in contract (for projects).

Service provider reports on key milestone activity or ongoing performance indicators (for managed services).

Submit, manage, and close Elite support cases - customer and service provider

Actual support cases (or tickets) for engagements are managed in the systems of the customer and/or their selected service provider.

A "child" support ticket is opened through the Elite customer dashboard, which captures high level data (Case Title, ID, open/closed dates & times).

Elite's separate support cases help provide context and, in many cases, validation to feedback submitted by the connected parties at the end of the engagement.

Update engagement status - connected parties

Update Elite Engagement Status to "Data Capture" in each participant's dashboard.

Submit feedback - connected parties 

Complete and submit engagement feedback.

Complete and submit platform feedback.

Complete cost summaries - connected parties 

Complete pricing and cost summaries for the engagement.

Hold a postmortem meeting - customer and service provider 

What went well?

What could have gone better?

What were the lessons learned?

What lessons could be shared with the community for those scenarios that don't impact confidentiality and are more general in nature?

Establish next steps - customer and service provider 

Is there a plan for any remaining work to be completed by the customer organization after the contract terms have been met?

Is all scoped project work complete to the satisfaction of the customer organization?

For any follow-up work, will a renewal of contracts between parties take place?

Knowledge transfer, policy updates, process changes, and training updates - do any of these items need to happen?

Payment - customer and service provider 

Pay service provider agency invoice (customer organization).

Pay Elite connection fee invoice (service provider agency).

Update engagement status - customer and service provider 

Update Elite Engagement Status to "Complete" in Elite participant dashboards once items in this section are completed.

Associate engagement data - Elite Security Network 

Elite incorporates the submitted engagement and feedback data to the appropriate participant profiles to assist future networked participants in selecting the right agency for their engagement. This feedback is shown without identifying agency details and will only be able to be tied to them for future customers if they are selected as a finalist agency (when contact details are divulged).

Job Candidate Search connects a company with individual candidates on the network to staff open positions. The connected parties in this scenario complete a “staffing cycle.”

Access Elite participant dashboards - all participant types 

Submit Candidate Search request - hiring organization (a customer, school, or service provider on the network) 

Using multi-dimensional and context-relevant inputs, hiring organizations provide Elite the basic parameters for their Candidate Search request.

Process Candidate Search request - Elite Security Network 

Top results for virtual resumes are rendered based on the inputs of the hiring organization.

Job posts are made visible across all candidate dashboards, from which they can apply directly.

Connect - hiring organization, experts, students 

If experts and students express interest in pursuing a potential job or internship post, they may submit their virtual resume and apply.

Candidates pursue next steps directly with the hiring organization if they are considered for a job.

Hiring organizations may contact experts directly based on the number of contacts allocated in their service offer.

Hiring, background check - hiring organization 

If an expert is considered for the job, they will need to perform whatever next steps are outlined by the hiring organization.  These next steps will vary from organization to organization.

Typically, next steps will include an interview or series of interviews.

Hiring organizations will complete their own background screening on any expert hired, per their own standard operating procedures.

Hiring organizations will perform on-boarding procedures for any expert hired, per their own standard operating procedures.

Feedback - hiring organization 

If a job candidate is hired from Elite's network, a hiring organization may submit an optional feedback form related to how the expert is performing their duties after 1 year on the job.

The candidate has the option of sharing this feedback (as well as any received for a business to business engagement) via their Elite Profile.