Help your customers with requests that fall outside of your core offerings, while improving those same core offerings in the process.

Consulting firms - high expectations from customers

Organizations have various way to put the right resources behind the work they need to get done. Sometimes they want an in-house, full-time employee, while other times they will consider outsourcing the job to a trusted partner or consulting firm. Today's connected society has seen a dramatic shift towards outsourcing and bringing in short term temporary resources, a phenomenon known as the Gig Economy. When organizations turn to a trusted consulting partner, they consider the partner's expertise across their various business functions and technologies, in addition to their general working relationship. They likely expect great results of the consulting partner because of its track record and successful execution of past projects. Because security and privacy weave into all pieces of business, both technical and non-technical, the organization may also assume that the partner can fulfill niche projects for these areas without really knowing the limits of the partner's expertise.

Elite Security Network serves a multifaceted tool that can have a multiplier effect for consulting firms

As a consulting firm serving these organizations, you don't need to have an expert for every cybersecurity or data privacy scenario to ensure you have their project needs covered. Elite's network offers wide-ranging service offerings that allow you to find the services that your customers need and subcontract resources for those services when you need them. A consulting firm may also benefit by leveraging this same resource pool to elevate its in-house expertise and reduce its top risks.

Expand the panes below to understand the relationship between consulting firms, their customers, and Elite Security Network.

Look to outsourced consulting firms for managed or project-based "niche" services related to cybersecurity and privacy, enabling them to:

Improve the trust factor with their own customers.

Maximize the value and return on investment (ROI) of increased security and privacy budgets.

Expedite procurement and placement of experts to meet increasingly specialized security and privacy needs,

Typically don't provide all "niche" services requested by their customers. They join Elite Security Network to:

Provide their customers with options and improve their “trusted adviser” status.

Improve CPE & NSAT.

Reduce the likelihood of losing market share for their core services due to their customers switching providers for non-core services.

May opt to hire individual experts from the network to:

Help improve their own position relative to cybersecurity and privacy.

Develop new cybersecurity and privacy-related offerings with the expert's guidance.

Address short-term needs or contract-based projects that can be performed using one resource.

Provides top service providers for the demand channel, fills gaps, and enables a connection hub that will:

Help drive down overall security and privacy risk for various industries and segments.

Help drive economic vitality across the compliance & risk ecosystem.

Help to enable successful cross-industry collaboration & partnerships.

Help to improve the overall customer-partner value chain.