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Elite Expert Profile Type

As an individual on Elite's network, you can set up one of two types of profiles. Student profiles are for current or soon-to-be students for the domains of security and/or privacy who are looking to connect with the right academic institution. Expert profiles are for people who have entered the workforce and are looking to connect with the right hiring organization.


Personal Data


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Gender & Ethnicity

Many hiring organizations, particularly in the large enterprise space, value diversity in the workplace and are driven to hire a diverse set of employees.  A diverse workforce helps to create products and services that appeal to different cultures and customer segments.


Use the following area to capture your target compensation for jobs that you may apply for or be matched for on the Elite network.

Skills Inventory

Use the following area to capture your key technical and non-technical skills, as well as your top primary areas of expertise for the domains of security and privacy. If your top options aren't shown in the primary list, you can provide them in the follow-up question for each category. Selecting "Yes" will render additional input sections for any of the categories in the Skills Inventory section.

Programming & Development

More and more, companies are looking for security experts who also have the ability to write code, or at least interpret code of various software and systems. If you have these skills, indicate them here.


Technical Skills (Non Programming & Development)

Even if you're not a developer, having experience with a variety of different technologies and how data flows into and out of those technologies is a big value add for your overall marketability.  Indicate these technical skills in the area below.

Enterprise Functional Area Experience

Many organizations also want to know about your business acumen and general ability to apply security or privacy expertise to a particular division or functional area.  This area allows you to capture the specific enterprise functional areas or divisions that you are most familiar with.


Strengths and Character Attributes

Different organizations have different personal attributes that they are searching for in a given candidate.  These vary by the type of role, the culture of the organization, and various other factors.  Select the attributes that best describe you.

Top Security Areas of Expertise

Many hiring organizations will specifically seek you out on our network for your security expertise. Indicate that expertise here.


Top Privacy Areas of Expertise

Many hiring organizations will specifically seek you out on our network for your privacy expertise. Indicate that expertise here.


Career Data

Career data helps you illustrate the current stage of your employment journey.  It also gives you the opportunity to provide more information about your placement preferences to a hiring organization. Use the following area to capture career data.

Education, Certifications, & Clearance

Use this area of your profile to illustrate your education, as well as any relevant certifications or security clearance for your desired employment.

In your own words . . .

Use the following area to describe in your own words what you bring to the fields of security or privacy. This is your chance to tell those responsible for staffing positions how you are different from other candidates from both a technical and non-technical perspective.

Preferred Roles

Use the area below to indicate your top roles to be matched for on the Elite Network.

Security Roles

Privacy Roles

Sharing Preferences


Despite being able to convey a lot of information about your skills, personal attributes, and other key elements related to security and privacy, many positions require a copy of your resume on file.  You may upload that here as part of your profile submission.  You may also upload it at any time through functionality found in your Expert Portal.


If you have specific feedback on the type of data we collect for the Expert profile, please use this area to provide it.