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Agency Finder provides two options (Post and Match) to help you identify and connect with the right service provider agency for your project or managed service.  Because project details are confidential, Elite masks any identifying information of potentially connected parties until the finalist agencies have been chosen. Finalist agencies are chosen based on the merit of their profile and certain supplementary details made visible to you as the customer organization looking to procure services.  Once you've chosen your preferred finalist agencies, the names and contact information of those finalist

  • Agency Finder (Post)

agencies are provided to you. Overviews and entry points for both options are found in the Agency Finder area of your dashboard.

  • Agency Finder Overview
  • Agency Finder (Match)

Expert Finder provides two options (Match and Post) to help you identify and connect with the right individual expert for your organization's open job positions. Expert Finder (Match) allows you to browse virtual resumes that have been posted by experts on our network.  You input specific skills and attributes and the top virtual resumes are returned in your results based on those same skills being tagged on each resume. Expert Finder (Post) allows you to post your open jobs to our expert job board. Experts view job listings from their dashboard and apply by submitting their virtual resume for consideration. .Jobs are tagged with skill categories and data attributes, making them easier for the experts that have those skills to find them You may contact an expert directly whether you use the post or match method.

  • Expert Finder Overview
  • Expert Finder (Match)
  • Expert Finder (Post)

Use engagement resources when you engage with an agency that you have sourced through Agency Finder.  Using these resources help your engagements stay consistent and provide Elite the data it needs for improving the platform and engagement experience.

  • Primary Engagement Tracker
  • Engagement Cycle Checklists (pre-engagement, engagement, post-engagement)
  • Update your Engagement's Status/Phase
  • Capture core data related to your engagement
  • Create/Update Support Requests

Submissions -

For a variety of functions on our network, you "submit" something.  This could be the profile you created when you first joined the network, an agency finder request, or a support request submitted for an active engagement.  These are all considered "submissions".  Some submissions, such as your originally submitted profile, contain many fields that can be updated.  Other submissions, such as agency finder or expert finder request, have fewer fields that can be updated or none at all.  All submissions are found in the "my submissions" folder of the Admin functions area of your portal.  Submissions should have the same naming conventions as when they were submitted.  For those submissions that allow updates, simply enter the submission you want to update, make your changes to the appropriate fields, and re-submit the form.

  • Update Profile
  • My Submissions

Submit feedback for different connection scenarios (engagement feedback for agencies and experts, staffing experts) and for the platform (features, experience).

  • Engagement feedback - agency
  • Engagement feedback - experts
  • Employment feedback - experts
  • Platform feedback - features
  • Platform feedback - experience

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