Expert Finder - Match

Elite's Expert Finder Match allows you to submit a detailed list of requirements for a potential hire using the same data submitted by each expert when they create virtual resumes.

Service Offering

Select the service offering for your match submission.

General Details

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Expert Compensation

The compensation range for this match submission given the experience level of the expert you're looking to staff.

Job Role (Position)

Use the areas below to indicate the role that you are looking to fill using Elite Expert Finder.

Skills Inventory

Use the following checklists to highlight the key skills and general attributes for your Match submission.  If a particular attribute inventory area is not important for a given job posting, select no.

Top Security Areas of Expertise


Top Privacy Areas of Expertise

Programming & Development


Technical Skills (Non Programming & Development)


Enterprise Experience & Personal Attributes


Education, Certifications, & Clearance

Any education, certification, and clearance requirements for your Match submission go here.

Job Description, Responsibilities, and Requirements

Use the following area to provide the detailed requirements of a specific job post for your Match submission.


If you have specific feedback for our Expert Finder Match submission, please provide it here.