Engagement Checklists, Data Capture, and Status Update

Our checklists allow you to monitor suggested milestones for each phase of your engagement.  These can be checked and unchecked and re-submitted for an updated view of your engagement.  Once you've completed milestones in the checklists, you may move into the next phase of the engagement by updating the Engagement Status in this form to the appropriate phase and hitting submit.

Data Capture and Engagement Feedback are required prior to closing your engagement. Feedback forms can be found in the feedback section of your portal.

Engagement information

Indicate the Elite Engagement ID assigned for your engagement here.

Engagement checklists

Use this checklist to track the tasks that happen leading up to your Elite engagement.
Use this checklist to track suggested milestones that occur during your Elite engagement.
Use this checklist to track Elite tasks during the data capture phase
These items are completed prior to closing out your Elite engagement.

Engagement status

Indicate the current phase of your Elite engagement.

Engagement data capture

Indicate the total cost your service provider agency projected for your project here.
Indicate the total cost your agency billed you for your engagement services.
Indicate whether your agency regularly kept you updated during your engagement, per regular Key Performance Indicator reporting or other mechanism specified in your contract.
The total amount billed by your service provider agency for services rendered.
Did you introduce any newly scoped work items after the agency began on your project?
On a scale from 1 to 5, indicate how closely your chosen agency was matched to your project needs. This feedback targets Elite's matchmaking process and helps us improve it.