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A customer organization is an entity (company or corporation) that uses Elite Security Network to find targeted services and solutions to address their pressing cybersecurity and data privacy needs.  In larger organizations, the primary users of the service are Chief Operating Officers, CISOs, directors of security, directors of privacy, HR staff, and divisional managers who have different resource and project needs.  Primary users for medium size organizations include executive staff (CEOs, VPs), or their delegates. Primary users for small business are typically business owners, principals, or their delegates.

  1. You create and maintain your connection profile for free.
  2. You use our premium connection functions - Expert Finder and Agency Finder - only when you need them.
  3. To connect with individual resources for your staff, you use Expert Finder.
  4. To connect with service provider agencies for your project and managed service needs, you use Agency Finder.
  5. These premium connection functions become available to you once you've created your connection profile and signed in to your customer organization dashboard.
  6. Subscription and a-la-carte options are available depending on how frequently your organization uses premium connection functions.
  • Find individual experts with very specific skills for a variety of roles and staffing types.
  • Post your job listing and allow the experts on our network to view it and apply.
  • Browse virtual resumes of experts that most closely match the skills, attributes, and requirements you're seeking.
  • Contact experts directly if their resume appears a good fit.
  • Find service provider agencies with solution offerings that most closely match your organization's needs.
  • Post your Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Proposals (RFP) and let qualified agencies bid on your job.
  • Enter key data attributes that your outsourced provider's solution or service must have and receive the top agency profiles who most closely match those attributes.

You are more likely to be connected with experts and agencies that align with your goals by including more information in your profile. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk and must be submitted to create your account.  You will receive an email providing you access to your organization's secure portal for the Elite Network where you can update your profile at any time. You can perform all your network activities while logged in to your portal, which you can access from the "Login" option on the main menu bar.

Primary profile information


The name of your organization.
The first name of the individual responsible for your Elite Profile.
The last name of the individual responsible for your Elite profile.
The email address of the individual responsible for your Elite profile.
The business phone number of the individual responsible for your Elite profile.
Your company's website address.
Zip Code of the location to which Elite Services will typically be rendered (in the event you prefer to be connected with a local provider or expert)

Secondary profile information

Secondary profile information helps Elite capture more detail about your company's industry and business offerings, as well as its security and privacy needs.  You can choose to add secondary profile data now or at any time from your dashboard when logged in.

You can enter secondary profile details during profile creation or after you've logged into your dashboard.
Indicate the Elite Network services that your organization will utilize.
Your company's size by number of employees.
Select the appropriate industry (or industries if multiple) for your organization.
If you outsource any of these services, indicate them here. Each of these are relevant functions of Elite partner firm organizations.
Select the option(s) that best describe your organization's approach when shopping for technology or technology services.
If you have specific laws or regulatory considerations that were not listed in the previous section, please provide them here.


All data capture forms have feedback fields for network participants to suggest ways of improving Elite's experience. Please use the following area to provide feedback on the Customer Organization Profile creation process.

If you have feedback on the data we collect for this form, please provide it here.

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