Elite Security Network provides its customers search services for their hard-to-staff cybersecurity and data privacy positions, projects, and managed services. Regardless of size or industry, our customers can more efficiently and effectively identify the right resources for their unique needs.



Small and mid-size (SMB) organizations have fewer resources. These organizations typically have to do more with less and as a result their employees may have to wear many hats and serve various functional roles. SMB organizations may look to an outsourced service provider for delivering its critical cybersecurity and data privacy functions. To reduce a vast world of service providers down to just those that matter, SMB organizations need to perform significant due diligence. Narrowing down the right set of providers requires the organization to compare disparate data from disparate sources and contend with sales calls from various providers who possibly offer very similar services. Those service providers that understand the unique industry and size challenges that SMB organizations face improve their likelihood for successful engagements.  Elite Security Network can help these organizations more efficiently identify the service providers that meet their project budget and timelines, while understanding their unique challenges. 


With greater available resources than the SMB space, enterprise organizations usually lean on a full-time staff across various divisions to protect their most important assets. That's not to say they don't have their own set of challenges. Enterprise organizations typically face stiff competition from other large companies looking to bring in the best and brightest. Filling net new positions or back-filling roles vacated by key employee each requires patience and perseverance from HR and staffers tasked with delivering results under a time crunch. Large organizations also look to bring in service providers to supplement their staff, taking advantage of cost optimization and operational efficiency in the process. Elite Security Network can help enterprise organizations for each of these scenarios.  


Staffing Agencies

A staffing agency provides outsourced staffing services to their customers, serving as an outsourced HR presence for SMB and enterprise organizations. They may specialize in a particular type of business role or work primarily with organizations of a specific size.  Staffing agencies may not always have the available cybersecurity or data privacy resources to fulfill certain customer requests.  They use Elite Security Network to post jobs on behalf of their customers and browse virtual resumes of candidates on the network. Staffing agencies typically don't use the network for identifying the right service providers for projects and managed services, but are provisioned for these services in the event they need them.


IT Partners

IT partners provide outsourced technology services to their customers - typically SMB and enterprise organizations across all industry verticals.  IT partners provide a wide range of technology services such as hosting and data storage, back-up and disaster recovery, voice and video conferencing, master data management, and many more. IT partners may not always have staff with the prerequisite cybersecurity or data privacy skills to adequately fulfill certain challenging customer requests for these subject areas. They can utilize Elite Security Network to identify niche resources to more effectively position their firm to fulfill these challenging customer requests, while simultaneously improving their own offerings.



To begin searching for job candidates and service providers you need only create an account. Submit the name of your organization and the name and email address of its primary contact to sign-up. Your identified primary contact will receive an email with a link providing access to your customer dashboard (our signed-in experience). All resource search requests are submitted while signed in to your customer dashboard.