Audit and Assessment Agencies

Audit and assessment firms

There are many outstanding firms out there who provide assessment and audit services. You might convince yourself there are too many by doing a simple web search on cybersecurity audit.

Yet, within the world of cybersecurity and data privacy audit firms for hire, there is a world of differentiation.  Customer organizations looking for the right firm may not be able to sense this differentiation when searching on page after page of similar looking websites.  They may not get to the right one until page 15, but most will give up before they get to that page.  There has to be a better way to hone in on and identify exactly the right firms for their particular compliance needs.

Demand for auditing and assessment agencies

While there is plenty of competition for the best firms, there is also plenty of work. Every company is facing more cybersecurity and data privacy risks than ever and this trend is unlikely to shift anytime soon. Similarly, constantly evolving governmental and industry level regulation requires certain organizations to certify compliance in order to engage in their core business activity. These factors have created a swell of demand and created opportunity for cybersecurity and data privacy auditing firms to spread out and find their own niche. But how can they effectively connect with those customers that are most appropriate given their core offerings and focus areas? How can they stand out from those pages of websites that look very similar to their own and have the opportunity to serve the right customers despite the competition? Firms provide a consistent approach and methodology to any number of auditing challenges. The one challenge that all of this demand has created is that it is hard for a company to truly showcase their specific strengths against an army of contenders.

Auditing and assessment specialization on Elite Security Network

Elite Security Network can help your firm's auditing or assessment niche capabilities stand out and come to life for customer organizations on the network. In order to truly differentiate yourselves from the masses, it is best to showcase the depth and breadth of your team’s specific expertise related to audits and assessments. Whether your firm specializes in PCI and classifies itself as a specialist in PCI audits for the retail sector, or has extensive experience with 20 different audit types from ISO to NIST and fits more into the mold of a generalist, you can more effectively connect with the right customer organizations on Elite Security Network. Create your connection profile as a specialist or a generalist today and see how you can more effectively differentiate yourself from your peers.