Finding resources for audits and assessments


While every company is looking for the best cybersecurity auditor or firm for their business need, many of them are still doing it the old-fashioned way—by looking through a pile of resumes with the keyword “auditor”. Some have deployed newer techniques that include job boards, looking up auditing agency websites with the help of a search engine or combing through countless LinkedIn profiles. Nonetheless, these slightly more modern techniques are largely the same approach as rifling through a pile of resumes and other non-critical information with the “browse and hope” technique.

Assessment and audit specialization

However, a resume does not really allow a company to truly understand the breadth and depth of each cybersecurity auditor’s technical acumen, their comfort with different security standards, which industries they understand deeply, and the size and culture of the companies where they have worked. In short—a resume does not always provide the depth and the breadth of understanding required to make a truly great hire or outsourcing move for your organization. Elite Security Network’s connection profiles enable cybersecurity auditors and agencies on the platform to broadcast the entire depth and breadth of their knowledge.

Auditing and assessment services at Elite Security Network

Elite Security Network is developing a comprehensive repository of experts and agencies that focus on cybersecurity and data privacy audits and assessments. A customer organization on the network can filter down the mountain of cybersecurity auditors to only those that know their technical stack or industry and have specialization performing the audit they are hoping to complete. If they are not looking to hire an individual, they can effectively turn to those service provider agencies on the network who perform various types of audits and assessments.  These functions allow Elite Security Network’s customer organizations to zero-in on the handful of candidates or agencies that are going to bring the skills that mostly closely match their need. If your company needs a new set of eyes, please create a customer organization connection profile. From there, you can post a job, browse resumes of the network’s auditing experts, or narrow down the right agency for your work. Let Elite Security Network introduce you to the best cybersecurity and data privacy auditing resources to shore up your defenses.