Audit and assessment jobs

The importance of audits and assessments

Opportunities abound for cybersecurity auditors because organizations large and small see cybersecurity as a strategic risk that can limit growth. As a result, they are making proactive cybersecurity a regular rhythm of the business. Businesses in our interconnected world know how crippling a cybersecurity breach can be to their market position and bottom line. Many companies look at the cost of a cybersecurity audit as money well spent to proactively put them in a better position to address their top risks and reduce their likelihood of being the victim of a data breach.

Audit and assessment jobs

There are many outlets for auditors and assessors to find new employment opportunities. A quick search of cybersecurity or data privacy auditor jobs will lead to pages and pages of results on Google. As a close-knit group of professionals—many auditors are able to find enough work to keep them busy just within the confines of their own existing relationships.  Security related job boards and general job boards also provide auditors and those who have experience in performing various assessments with options.

Auditor variety

The challenge with many of these job search methods is that they do not necessarily allow the world of cybersecurity auditors to differentiate themselves from the masses. Some cybersecurity auditors pride themselves on being industry specific, whether it be financial services, healthcare, or public sector. Others pride themselves on their technical focus area given their deep understanding of the Microsoft ecosystem, AWS, or payment gateways for instance. With such a vast universe of auditors, the challenge for candidates lies in standing out from the pack and differentiating themselves so that their skills can easily be found by customer organizations.

Audits and assessments at Elite Security Network

Elite Security Network’s connection profiles enable cybersecurity and data privacy auditors on the platform to broadcast the entire depth and breadth of their knowledge. Auditors with a given industry focus, such as performing HIPAA audits for health care organizations, can more easily connect with the right assignment given that industry specialization. Other data points in connection profiles allow those with stronger business acumen or technical acumen to showcase it. Because audits may also carry legal ramifications, some auditors with legal backgrounds may be able to more effectively communicate the legal impacts of data security and privacy risks better than others.

What does this auditor do that makes them different from everyone else? Our connection profiles let every auditor highlight how they stand out and become more to our customer organizations than simply a “security auditor”.

Auditing and assessment specialists on Elite Security Network

There’s a lot of work for cybersecurity auditors and there will be even more in the future. We'd like to provide you additional options for connecting to the right job or project for you. If you are a specialist who has a specific concentration in performing audits or assessments, please create your connection profile. By doing so, you help customer organizations on our network quickly find your skills and separate you from the masses.