Cybersecurity consulting and privacy consulting assist customers navigate evolving fields, requiring consultants to work hard to stay ahead of the curve. Cybersecurity consulting firms must keep up on today's top threats to help their clients stay ahead of hackers. International regulation for handling personal data, such as GDPR, forces many organizations to take a hard look at their data privacy practices. With help from a privacy consulting firm specializing in the operational requirements driven from this regulation, the impact of implementing far-reaching processes in short order will be less severe. Finding a cybersecurity consultant or data privacy consultant, or team of consultants, that can help your organization navigate a complex web of threat and regulation go-do's requires some groundwork.  It starts by understanding your needs.  Knowing what to look for when searching for the right consulting resources can save you both time and money.

Here are some helpful tips to consider when bringing in cybersecurity consulting or privacy consulting resources 

Know what type of consultant you need

Hiring the right cybersecurity or privacy consultant for your business starts with knowing what type of consultant you need and understanding how their role likely integrates with your current team members. Decide if you are looking for a team of consultants to supplement different needs across your organization. If a single consultant will meet your needs, will they function more as a generalist providing expertise across various subjects or a specialist with a particular focus area?  Each brings their own abilities and assets to a business environment and can help you protect your critical data in different ways. Beyond their talents and skills, take steps to understand what steps you might take to ensure your supplementary consulting resources can maximize the impact they have on existing staff while minimizing disruptions.  Doing so ensures that the newly introduced measures they help establish are implemented with the smoothest transition possible for your current employees and business processes. 

Establish the proper training sessions

Onboarding a cybersecurity or privacy consultant might include cursory training sessions for your entire staff, select members of your staff, or managers who can maintain the routine that a consultant establishes. Because cybersecurity and privacy consultants need to maintain their expertise related to modern threats and best practices for data protection, they require both education and continued training to keep current. Be especially attentive to the on-boarding and off-boarding processes for employees and consultants, as an organization's data can be the least secure during these transitions. Take the opportunity to break down the ways that each employee can most effectively incorporate security at a personal and company level. Take the time to develop agreements with all employees regarding ownership of data created prior to and during employment. Likewise, when offboarding employees, take care to review your data security policies and any responsibilities that persist once an employee leaves your organization.

Offer continuing education and certification opportunities

Be sure that your consultant or consulting team is adequately trained and educated for the needs of your organization. Certifications can help provide piece of mind that your outsourced consulting resources have been tested on the skills they claim to have. Continuing education and certifications are paramount in technology, and particularly cybersecurity and data privacy, where staying up-to-date on today's trends, threats, and regulation can mean the difference between your business thriving or becoming a victim. To ensure that best practices developed with the help of your cybersecurity consultant or data privacy consultant persist, you can also consider offering key staff members certification and education opportunities. Employees who have an interest in these fields become more vested in what they are doing to protect your data if they feel your organization makes fostering their career growth and learning a priority.

Regardless of the type of cybersecurity that your business needs to implement, know that Elite Security Network is here and ready to help you find the consulting resources that are most suitable for your organization.