Cybersecurity Recruiters

Cybersecurity recruiters need candidates in a pinch

The process for cybersecurity recruiters often starts the same way. A sales lead at a security consulting firm leads to a meeting with a client. The meeting goes well and the consulting sales lead and the client iron out the details of the engagement. The client, rightfully so, wants a cybersecurity consultant who has worked in their industry before. They also want somebody who is familiar with their architecture and data model. They also don’t have the budget today, but they’ll have it next quarter—which starts October 1. While they expect to have some budget, they won’t have a ton. Thus, the candidate has to be a local candidate. It is at this point that the sales lead triumphantly returns to their main office, rings a bell, and tells the recruiters specializing in cybersecurity staff assignment “send me all of our local energy industry cybersecurity consultants, who have worked in an Azure ecosystem, with utility customer data, available starting October 1, and are willing to work as a contractor for $12K/month.”


The scramble to find cybersecurity experts

Unfortunately, the candidate that matches all of these characteristics is exceedingly rare. In fact, they may not even exist. Many consulting firms can get the client to compromise on some of their demands and still salvage the relationship—but not always. The potential superstars or fall guys in this engagement are the cybersecurity recruiters for the firm whose job it is to “find the needle in the haystack” or cost the firm a lucrative project. Sure, they can use LinkedIn to “find people”, but they have to peruse each individual profile to see if they happen to mention experience with Azure cloud and other key intangibles important to the client. They also have to try to figure out which firms these consultants have worked for—and are any of them in the energy sector? Each profile review is time-consuming and the recruiter is unfortunately usually getting nowhere fast.

A different way to find cybersecurity experts

The cybersecurity world is expansive. Finding the right cybersecurity expert for your specific need is challenging. The main reason for this is because the cybersecurity recruiting process has not fully-embraced data as a strategic asset. Recruiters sit and read LinkedIn profiles all day and guess if the candidate will be a fit. There has not been a tool that could filter out profiles based on the relevant data dimensions most suited for the given customer or their industry.



Data-driven cybersecurity recruiting

Every company has a unique cybersecurity need. Every cybersecurity expert has a unique background. Each of these characteristics are datapoints in a larger ecosystem that can be used to help firms find the perfect match for their need, aligning the expert with a specific mixture of skills to the firm that needs them. If you are a firm that helps other companies protect their data, isn’t it time that you start using the right data to drive your staffing forward?

If you are curious to know how a data-driven approach to cybersecurity recruiting could work, create your profile using the appropriate entry point below and get started today.