Higher education involves the management of sensitive student information. Student email systems and internal collaboration networks open the door for phishing and malware. Elite providers specializing in serving the education vertical can help keep academic organizations safer.

The very nature of education today and how students at all levels engage with peers and their educational content revolves around technology. Phones, tablets, and laptops are all items that may be stolen on any given day from students at any school, regardless of size, compromising potentially sensitive information on the devices. The millennial generation are accustomed to a society that centers around the internet, uploading data to the cloud, and sharing their experiences via social networks.  Students not familiar with cybersecurity do's and don'ts may be easily phished or socially engineered and inadvertently provide access to a school's more sensitive information.

Other than private schools, education is predominantly funded by tax dollars. Those funds must stretch, extending to cover resources for all of the school's critical programs. Because of its dependence on technology to deliver their curriculum and protect sensitive student data (including PII, financial data, and grades), cybersecurity and data privacy become critical programs. Finding the right resources for securing their technology and addressing their top risks becomes easier with Elite Security Network. We help schools keep their critical information and student body safer. Our providers with experience in serving schools can educate the educators on the most effective strategies for them.