Elite for Education

Drive interest in learning, connect students and academic institutions, and launch careers in the field.

Students interested in cybersecurity and data privacy programs and academic institutions that offer this curriculum can create connection profiles with Elite. The profiles provide academic institutions with a venue for showcasing their programs and offer students an easy way to explore different opportunities and find the schools that can best help them reach their career goals. Students can then expect a more seamless transition into the workforce because their profile and dashboard experience is shared with experts already in the workforce.

By connecting these two critical participant types, we're feeding the front of our funnel and enabling the future warriors of cyber.    

Use Elite's student profiles and connection features to:

Research academic programs based on their top areas of interest.

Choose the right school for their academic needs.

Find the right internships for their chosen career path.

More seamlessly transition to the workforce.

Use Elite's academic institution profiles and connection features to:

Make their program offerings visible to top incoming students.

Differentiate their programs from other schools with similar offerings.

Reduce their overhead and increase their revenues with targeted sales and marketing efforts

Seek graduates from these schools to:

Fill net new roles as new technologies force a demand shift in the market.

Fill existing roles vacated by employees in core company functions.

Reduce risk by bringing in newly minted experts with very targeted skill-sets.

Staff a variety of positions requiring varying years of experience, from new graduates (entry level and beyond) to executives