Agency Feedback

Part of Elite's business value is its feedback loop and subsequent data byproduct, provided through a closed and managed platform. Customer organizations submit feedback using consistent grading criteria. Although engagements may vary in challenges and complexity, the standards by which providers are rated remain consistent - making for an objective, unbiased set of data for future customers to use as part of the selection process. Your feedback also helps service provider agencies adjust how they provide services, improving performance for future engagements on our network. Feedback for agencies are provided for both match and post engagement scenarios.  

Engagement Details

The customer organization's primary contact email.
The Engagement ID # assigned to this engagement.

Estimated Cost vs. Actual Cost

Use the following area to capture any variance between  estimated cost your agency provided prior to beginning your project and the actual cost billed for your project.

If your chosen agency provided a written estimate for your work prior to beginning the project, indicate that here.
The total cost estimate for your engagement provided by your agency at the beginning of the project.
Final billed amount for services rendered for this engagement.
Based on the estimate and final cost numbers you provided, calculate the percentage the estimate deviated from the final billed amount when providing a grade for your chosen agency.

On-Time Delivery (Project)

Use the following area to indicate whether your project was completed on time.  If the contract with your chosen agency doesn't stipulate a completion date for your project, answer "no" to the first question.

If you had a documented date in the contract signed with you agency, indicate that here.
Indicate whether your agency rendered your services in the time specified in your contract.

On-Time Delivery (Milestones)

Use the following area to capture data related to whether your chosen agency met milestone deadlines during the engagement. If milestones weren't documented in your agency contract, answer "no" to the first question.

If you had a documented milestones for your project that were documented in the contract signed with your agency, indicate that here.
Indicate whether your chosen agency hit their deadlines when you had important milestones.
Indicate whether milestone deadline misses were due to change orders or other unforeseen circumstances.


Use the following area to rate how the service provider performed from a skill-set perspective and how their expertise transferred to your organization.  Agencies who perform their services as advertised in core areas for which they were selected will help customer organizations with long term knowledge retention and greater likelihood of self-sufficiency.

Rate how the service provider performed from an expertise and skill-set perspective. Also consider how working with the service provider helped you become more self-sufficient with regard to understanding how to more effectively manage your organization's risks.


Rate how your chosen agency's level of professionalism during your engagement.  Consider the following criteria - Ethical work behaviors, trustworthiness, using a collaborative and partnering approach, open and honest communication channels.


Support Responsiveness

Use the following area to rate how the service provider performed during the engagement from a support responsiveness perspective.  Consider the agency's constructive problem resolution, that they addressed support/help requests within the agreed upon priority and severity timeframes, and their overall general willingness to help and make themselves available to your needs as a customer organization.

Summarize your overall experience with your chosen agency.