Engagement feedback - experts

Elite solicits feedback at the agency level and the individual expert level for its engagements. Expert feedback provides individual experts opportunity for professional growth in key areas that are important for this domain.  As a customer organization, you may provide feedback for each expert on your engagement (individualized feedback with separate feedback submissions) or provide one expert feedback submission that is shared among all experts that teamed (aggregated feedback).  If you have more than 5 experts on your engagement, it may make sense to submit aggregated feedback. Note that aggregated feedback requires each expert on the engagement to receive the same score and you are applying a rating to how the experts functioned as a group or team.  If you did not personally observe a given feedback area for an expert or group of experts, or aren't in a position to have a good basis for a rating, please utilize those options.

Enter the engagement ID that corresponds to this feedback submission.

Feedback submission method

Indicate whether this expert submission will be for one person (individual) or represent the group of experts who served on your engagement (aggregate).
Provide the first name of the expert for this feedback submission.
Provide the last name of the expert for this feedback submission.

Expert attribute ratings

Consider how the expert treated your staff, how they handled themselves in challenging situations, and how they managed the engagement from a professionalism perspective.
Rate how the expert collaborated with your team, how they stepped up to do tasks considered "grunt work" to benefit the team output, and how they fit in with key members of your staff to make the experience a good one.
Rate the expert on their ability to solve tough problems, seek out challenges, and find the right solution.
Rate how the expert rates on overall business IQ, how they can apply security principles while balancing your business goals, and how quickly they got up to speed on your business environment.
Rate the expert on overall security or privacy domain expertise, whether they enabled transferable knowledge to your staff, and explained why actions taken reduced risk or improved your defenses.
Rate the verbal and written communication of the expert. Consider effectiveness of conveying information in a crisp and concise way and explaining challenging scenarios in a way that simplifies the key takeaways.
Rate how the expert performed with regard to displaying their technical skills throughout the engagement, applied security and privacy expertise to technical scenarios, and understood your organization's technical landscape.
Rate the level of urgency the expert put into addressing your open support cases.
Use this area to elaborate on ratings provided for expert(s), give a written summary of performance, or just a general "job well done".


Please provide feedback for this engagement feedback form for experts. We look to improve upon it with your input.