Patients demand that health care organizations protect their health records and personal data. Our service providers help them ensure they can.

Cyber attacks have hurt the reputation and finances of the health care industry and its institutions. Health records on the black market average a return of $50 per record vs. only $1 for a credit card number or social security number. Health care organizations must be sure their security and privacy practices do everything possible to keep up with the persistent threat of hackers attempting to pilfer their records. Security challenges range from keeping staff updated on proper security procedures to moving to new systems to making the leap from paper to digital. All of these require a dedicated and detail-oriented approach from those helping health care organizations understand their security obligations in the new world order.

Even if the focus of health care organizations is the health and wellness of their patients, that "wellness" now extends to keeping patients' records safe from theft and unauthorized access.

From large pharma companies to private practioners. Elite service providers with a track record in serving this sector can help them achieve this goal.