Incident Response Specialist Agencies

Does your agency help organizations prepare for or respond to cyber incidents?

Not all customer organizations are big enough or resourced to staff a full-time SOC. They don't necessarily have the front line defenses and knowledgeable staff to effectively manage an incident. This puts smaller organizations at a disadvantage, despite the fact that they are prime targets for adversaries who are aware of these deficiencies. Larger organizations may require outsourcing services to help with the facilitation of incident simulation drills, forensics, or customer communications. If your firm has service offerings tailored towards incident response - whether drafting the plan, facilitating drills, or helping with actual response activity after an event - there are customer organizations on the Elite Security Network who could benefit from your offerings.

Incident Response Firms on Elite Security Network

In order to truly differentiate yourselves from the masses, and showcase why your incident response services exceed those of your peers, create your Service Provider Agency Profile on Elite Security Network.  Agency Finder requests allow customer organizations on the network to input specific dimensions of data and filter on key attributes that may put your agency at the top of their target list. A search engine will not provide the same level of granularity and filtering for the customer organization. Despite your offerings most clearly aligning with their needs, you may not turn up in their search results until page 22.

To reach new customer segments and extend your reach, create your profile and discover new opportunities today.