Incident Response Customers

Preparing for cyber incidents

Depending on various factors, your organization's incident response readiness and overall program maturity can vary substantially from that of other organizations. Preparation is key.

Smaller organizations may be limited in overall resources and funding, preventing them from building out a world-class security operations center (SOC) and competent IT staff.  There may also be staff knowledge gaps related to the most effective way to manage a crisis situation or build out a comprehensive plan for containing and managing an incident, given the increased complexities in today's business models.  SMB organizations must implement technology and processes that serve them in a similar capacity as they would a large enterprise, without the funding, resources, and know-how that the large enterprise space enjoys. They may opt to hire a full time employee to manage this space, or leverage the help of a staffing partner to find the right fit for their needs. Larger organizations may or may not be able to plan for, contain, and manage an incident with existing staff and may therefore require supplementing it with third party resources. Whether that third party is a service provider who maps out your incident response plan, performs incident drills, helps with PR messaging, collects forensic data, or does all of these - there are agencies that specialize in various functions across the incident response space.

Filtering out the noise

Preparing for how you manage a potential incident is critical to your organization's long term strategic and financial goals. An incident response plan may buy temporary peace of mind, but if you don't have the right resources to rehearse your plan and execute it in the throws of a crisis, you may feel as unprepared as if you didn't have a plan documented in the first place. Elite Security Network allows input of various data dimensions for an agency or expert connection submission, filtering down those with the most targeted experience for your scenario.  If your incident response program requires some help - create your connection profile and identify those who can lend a hand.