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Individuals with experience in managing data breaches or incidents have good opportunities to serve different types of organizations when the pressure is on. Experts with domain knowledge in building out an incident response plan, performing the appropriate drills, and executing the plan when the time comes are valuable.  They thrive on adverse situations, remain calm under pressure, and welcome the challenge of being the fixer.

Incident response specialist profiles at Elite Security Network

Depending on the needs of an organization, individuals with experience in managing incidents can play various roles. Some may only be tasked with preparation, documenting the plan and executing drills with key players.  Others may be more adept at reactive elements - helping to contain an incident, perform crisis management functions, collecting forensic evidence, or facilitating outbound communication with customers, partners, and media.  Regardless of which of these functional roles you're most suited for, your Elite profile effectively helps you showcase the skills that put you in position to succeed.

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