Elite's approach to establishing its connection platform is unique in the way it weaves collaboration and data elements together.  We lean on our  community to help shape the experience and platform, allowing participants to contribute to its evolution and overall value as a shared system.  Because participants have individual success goals for their own engagements, our collective community reaps the benefits of combined results for all engagements. Our collective results, common goal, and team mindset ensure the platform evolves to account for new threats as they materialize.

Health care

Health care organizations range from huge pharma companies and large hospitals to senior living facilities and on-call doctor offices with minimal staff. Each health care organization is bound by HIPAA and various other regulatory compliance requirements, which often include an audit to certify that requirements are met. Here's where Elite comes in.

Through Elite's network, a health care organization can find not only the right auditor to validate compliance, but also the resources to remediate deficient items found in the audit.

Elite's Service Provider Profiles can help narrow down those service providers with a background in serving health care organizations, using either a specialist or generalist approach, to identify those whose primary service offerings cater to the exact remediation activities that the health care org needs to perform.


Various companies large and small engage with the government (at federal, state, and local levels). As a result, depending upon their industry and business operations, these companies need to manage a variety of regulatory functions related to cybersecurity and privacy. Additionally, as federal and state spending for these areas increases (as budget forecast models currently project), more government entities will ask third party companies to help shore up their systems' security. Whether it's a top-secret project that requires experts with security clearance or not, Elite can help with a variety of custom solutions from its body of solution providers. ​

Given that our economy is global, international companies must consider regulations from countries outside the United States in which they provide goods and services. For instance, any company doing business in the European Union will now need to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Elite's Network will allow those firms with a solid understanding of this new regulation to be connected to companies who are impacted and must verify compliance in order to avoid paying huge fines (up to 4% of annual global revenue).


Auditors and auditing firms typically operate as independent third parties. This separation from the customers they serve allows them to provide an unbiased, objective assessment of a company's security compliance with a given regulatory framework. ISO 27001, NIST-800, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and COBIT are a small subset out of a vast body of frameworks used by auditors to assess compliance of companies across different industries.

While auditors identify and flag issues of non-compliance, they typically don't do the remediation work. Customer organizations must have their own internal and capable resources, or outsource capable resources. Elite's flexibility not only helps them find an auditor to act as a service provider that validates compliance against a vast array of regulations, it also allows the auditor to serve as a partner firm working with enterprise customers to find the right resources for remediation work. You need an AWS PCI-DSS security specialist who has 10 years of experience? Elite can help you find them (with or without the help of your auditor).

Industry disrupters

Internet connected devices are proliferating rapidly and will continue to increase in number over the next decade. Robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other new technologies will take society in new directions, and industries will depend on these new technologies to improve product and service offerings. We'll see growth in self-driving cars, home monitoring, pacemakers, wearables, and many more. These devices, however, usually are not secure out of the box because they need to be easy for non-technical audiences to set up. We've already seen these devices taken over by adversaries and used to form bot nets, leading to denial of service attacks.

The impact on society when things go wrong with these devices has the potential to be much more severe. Elite's data model of today is built around industries that align with key US Census categories. Not only can it connect those customers with very specific industry needs with those resources custom-fit for their industry, but it can also evolve based on the needs of different industries and their "devices of the future".

Recruiters, staffing, and HR

Online tools and social networks have changed and, in many ways, simplified how staffing professionals operate. That said, today's workforce placement isn't without its own unique set of challenges. Keeping ahead of the curve from a security standpoint forces many companies to find resources (either contingent staff or FTE) that have a unique skill set. This often puts staffing agencies at a disadvantage, since they are not always well-versed in the latest terminology and skill sets needed from cybersecurity and privacy professionals.

Enter Elite Security Network. As a platform that is focused on connecting various businesses with targeted companies and individuals who perform niche services in these domains, staffing agencies can reap the benefits of a data model shaped by community of experts, reducing time required to research and fill challenging, specialized requests from clients. Elite's job candidate profiles easily sort those individuals looking for employment and effectively connect them with agencies and companies who need them.