Demand is much greater than supply, so what to do?

Many organizations are challenged when staffing cybersecurity and data privacy roles because of various factors. Exceedingly unrealistic skill and experience requirements in job descriptions leave many positions unfilled, with quality candidates sitting on the side line as a result.  A Managed Security Service Provider, or MSSP, can help bridge gaps for risk incurred by unfilled roles, provide managed protection, and help an organization understand what's really important.

Your Security Operation Center

Managed Security Services Providers, or MSSPs, can help with core operational security functions such as monitoring and alerting, firewall management, and secure engineering services. Customers look to their MSSP as their outsourced operational partner for all things security, entrusting them to protect their core assets. For the SMB space, where resource and funding challenges prevent many organizations from staffing and managing a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC), a solid MSSP provides peace of mind and allows a company's staff the chance to focus on innovation and growing its market share.



Resume Submission

So many functions, so few dedicated resources to perform them

Managed Security Service Providers provide flexibility and options to organizations who need core security functions fulfilled, yet may not have the expertise or numbers on their staff to perform them.  Typical services performed by MSSPs include firewall configuration and management, virtual private network configuration and management, security event monitoring, security testing, incident response, vendor assessments, secure engineering best practices, and the development and delivery of targeted training for different business functions.

Finding the right Managed Security Service Provider

A proven MSSP will help bridge gaps in your security and data privacy programs and can help to temporarily alleviate the skill and resource shortages that many companies face today. Good managed service providers not only render great results while delivering their core services, but also help organizations become more security and privacy-aware. Organizations should expect greater self-sufficiency after working with a quality agency.  They also may be able to better understand their overall staffing needs and whether current staff members could effectively fill vacant positions or help to define appropriate skill and experience requirements for new hires. Elite Security Network provides an evolving data profile for MSSPs that enables potential customer organizations a more effective way to find the right agency given their industry, compliance, and service needs.