Managed services help companies with persistent, ongoing threat management.​

Our connected world is moving more and more to a managed services model, particularly when it comes to outsourcing IT and many security functions. It is simply cheaper to outsource these functions than staff full-time employees. In many cases, the managed service provider has refined their process and can do the work more efficiently and effectively than an organization using in-house resources. Typically, these agencies can also scale up or down based on the demand, making it an appealing option for many organizations who want to minimize idle employees and optimize distribution of benefits. There are regular performance metrics that are provided by the service provider agency doing the work, as well as recurring invoicing and other convenient elements that come with an outsourced manage service approach.

Elite Security Network provides customer organizations various types of service provider agencies who specialize in "Security as a Service" offerings, from penetration testing and white hat hackers to virtual CISO deployments.