Noble causes deserve commensurate protection. Our providers help not-for-profit organizations keep their sensitive data safer.

Not-for-profit organizations are just as susceptible to cyber attacks as Fortune 500 companies.  Depending upon the motivation of the hacker, they may be even more appealing targets. Politically motivated attacks have recently infiltrated our democratic process, showing the power and technical capabilities from nation states looking to inflict harm from afar. These attacks are not going to slow. It is now the world we live in.

Not-for-profit websites ending in .org are highly ranked by Google. That means they show up on the first page in search results and have more page visitors. These organizations handle large volumes of sensitive data: client records, donor information, confidential emails, and hundreds of other transactions stored in their databases. For a sector that relies heavily on donor trust and confidence, a cybersecurity breach could be catastrophic, especially for small organizations.

Elite's model was specifically tailored to address the needs of smaller organizations that lack the resources of Fortune 500 companies. Our approach allows smaller companies to connect with skilled providers who can appreciate their unique constraints and have experience in delivering solutions that work best for them. This includes not-for-profit organizations that invest their efforts in supporting their cause rather than expanding their bottom line.