What makes us Elite?

We're collaborative, data-driven, and focused on results.

The world is becoming more connected, creating huge opportunities for companies large and small, but also risks. The growing need for better data protection and effective action plans once data is compromised has raised the demand for the most elite cybersecurity and data privacy experts. Elite Security Network makes it easy for companies to find the expertise they need, all in one place.

We are a series of bridges between critical expertise and organizations that need it. 

We are a matchmaking platform and collaborative connection hub shaped by our community.

We are a unique methodology that utilizes a targeted and data-driven approach to tackle our connected world's greatest challenges together.  



In today's hyper-connected society, data is becoming more ubiquitous, available, and personal. This trend creates exciting new opportunities for all industries as data provides organizations new insights that lead to better decision-making, game-changing innovation, and deeper customer relations. But organizations with legitimate reasons for collecting and managing data aren't the only ones that see its value.  Cyber crime is also on the rise, and the damage it causes is personal, dramatic, and often catastrophic. As a result, the demand for proven cybersecurity and data privacy experts is increasing. At the same time, many organizations find identifying and retaining these critical resources more and more difficult.



The good news is that there has been a wave of new cybersecurity and data privacy professionals entering the marketplace. They offer a wide variety of services and come in a broad range of capability levels.

But with so many choices and so much depending on your data safety, finding and selecting the right resources can be overwhelming.  How do you make sure you're getting the person or agency who is the right fit for your organization's particular needs and challenges? They must continually grow their knowledge to address a constantly shifting threat landscape.  They must also have a solid grasp of your organization's unique needs given its size and industry. Resourcing strategies for these functions must account for all of these factors and more, while evolving to meet the needs of our continually evolving and connected society.

This is where Elite Security Network can help.



Elite Security Network is a matchmaking platform fully dedicated to cybersecurity and privacy. We take a unique approach to evaluating and classifying the expertise of our community, to match the right resources to the right organization:

  • Targeted profiles. Community members can create, update, and maintain connection profiles for free.
  • Collaboration. Our data-driven connection cycles level the playing field and define how our community members engage.
  • Feedback. All community members provide feedback on their engagement experiences, helping to foster continuous improvement.

Together, these elements help our platform evolve to address a constantly moving threat landscape regardless of shifts in market trends or new technologies.  We know the right experts for your organization are out there. Let us help you find them.