Identify cybersecurity and data privacy service providers and job candidates using smart data filters

Elite Security Network service offerings take advantage of multi-dimensional data filters and context-relevant search capabilities that help customers identify the right service providers and job candidates.

For business to business outsourced services, our catalog of offerings grows with each new service provider that joins the network. By filtering on attributes such as primary service offerings, pricing structure, invoice structure, technology focus, and industry focus, we allow customers to more efficiently find the right service providers for their project and managed service needs.

Our staffing and job placement search services take advantage of similar context-relevant filtering to connect hiring organizations with more targeted candidates for their hard-to-fill cybersecurity and data privacy jobs. Hiring organizations post jobs and tag them with key skills and attributes most relevant to these domains, while job candidates use virtual resumes to more effectively brand themselves, itemize their top skills, and connect with hiring organizations.

Our data model and filters evolve to accommodate the needs of the community through feedback. This improves the relevance, efficiency, and effectiveness of our primary search services for those they serve.

Service Provider Search is used by customers seeking a service provider for an  outsourced project or managed service. Filtering on attributes such as primary service offering, pricing structure, industry focus, and more allows customers to more efficiently find the right provider for their needs.

Job Candidate Search is for hiring organizations seeking candidates for open positions. Hiring organizations use multi-dimensional data inputs when browsing the virtual resumes of experts and posting their jobs to narrow down top results efficiently.