Partner Firm Connection Profile

A partner firm is an entity (company or corporation) that uses Elite Security Network to find targeted services and solutions to address their own cybersecurity and data privacy needs or those of their enterprise customers.  Partner firms on the Elite network who will gain most value from its connection functions are IT partners, staffing partners, and engineering/development partners.  Depending upon the size of the partner firm, primary users are typically executive roles within the partner firm, including the CEO and head of sales, or their delegates.

Service provider agency response bid

Use the form below to indicate your agency's interest in pursuing an Agency Finder Post submission by one of our customer organizations.  Expressing interest in a post submission is called a Response Bid.  Prior to submitting a response bid, you should ensure that your agency can provide the services being requested and that you can meet the core requirements outlined in the customer organization's scoping details, including the number of resources estimated for the work. If you are one of the first agencies to request to bid on the work, your profile and the summary you submit via this form will be shared with the customer organization who submitted the Post request. Use the bid response form to customize your response to the project you are bidding on. Try to incorporate details which are not already included in your connection profile that will make you stand out for the project you are bidding on.  Please don't provide any identifying details of your agency when submitting your response bid, as it will be obfuscated prior to sending on to the customer organization.