Penetration Testing Agencies

Demand for pen testing agencies

If you represent an agency specializing in penetration testing services, you're probably quite busy.  Demand for these services continues to rise and customer organizations looking for the right agency for their given testing scenario have plenty of options. That said, having a healthy supply of new customers that are a good fit for your key offerings is never a bad thing. Because many organizations are required to perform ongoing penetration testing due to compliance requirements, you can more effectively get your bench deployed on different engagements by broadening your customer reach.  Many of these potential customers have very specific technical, industry, and business requirements and do the necessary research to find the right agency to meet their project goals.

Breadth, Depth, and Variety

Penetration testing can touch each of the core areas of a business - people, process, and technology.  Not all customer organizations have resources dedicated to properly mapping out their penetration testing goals and needs. Some may not know how to most effectively plan and execute their penetration tests and look to prospective agencies for thought leadership. One customer organization may look for a set of testers to socially engineer their staff, while another looks for a resource to identify SQL injection flaws and improperly configured firewalls.  Because of this diversity and breadth of testing scenarios, customers can be challenged in identifying and selecting the right agency for their needs.

Showcase what makes you stand out

Whether you offer a suite of penetration testing services or only specialize in a very new and rare technology that only has early adopters, let us help you find the right clientele for what you offer the marketplace. Elite connection profiles for agencies allow each provider to identify as a specialist or generalist, highlight primary and secondary offerings, and provide a detailed bio that enables you to stand out from peers.

We invite you to create your profile and connect with a new audience today.