Penetration Testing Jobs

Software development is no longer a one-sided link in the value chain.  Organizations have come to the realization that their developers need to think as a developer and an attacker.

We live in an age of testing by thinking like an attacker.



Penetration testing or "pen testing" continues to see increased demand, whether an organization decides to utilize a more traditional method of hiring resources to uncover their vulnerabilities or issue a bug bounty.

For the traditional method, pen testers are paid a salary or hourly rate and typically become part of a dedicated team who do different types of testing for the organization. A bug bounty typically casts a wider net and opens up specific features or areas of an organization's software or services to a larger audience of pen testers or ethical hackers. These resources are typically contracted 3rd parties, allowing for less bias and a greater number of vulnerabilities typically identified. Organizations who require ongoing penetration testing to comply with specific compliance requirements may use this approach to reduce their overall cost as outsourced testers are typically paid based on the number of confirmed vulnerabilities they identify and document.

Because the skills required of penetration testers vary so greatly from one assignment to the next, these security experts benefit from showcasing their top technical skills and personal attributes. It's also beneficial to have pen testing experience with a given industry and firm grasp of common vulnerability trends across that industry.  During an interview, testers can expect technical questions and business process questions that reflect scenarios and technologies most relevant for the organization's industry and focus areas.  A white hat hacker who has done a ton of pen testing for the financial sector and big banks may not necessarily be the best fit for a retail shop who leans on a wireless payment gateway to handle credit card transactions, even if both scenarios involve the movement of money. Penetration testers and ethical hackers also have a wide range of certifications and credentialing options, each of which use a slightly different curriculum that may be important to the hiring organization.

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