Proactive services help organizations mitigate unrealized risks, reducing the likelihood and impact of potential security and privacy events.

For organizations to reduce their cybersecurity and data privacy risks, they must be deliberate and proactive, considering all technical and non-technical components of their business cycle. The organizations that embrace this position will be more prepared when they experience an event. The decision makers will be identified, the relevant processes mapped out, and the organization more confident that key scenarios are covered. Yet many aren't proactive. Most assume they will be breached and simply wait until that time comes to figure it out. Even those that invest in cybersecurity insurance understand that their premiums are based on how well-prepared they are at the time they apply for the policy. It may end up a better financial decision simply to do the up-front heavy lifting and be ready when adversaries target them.

Cybersecurity and privacy audits are the starting point from which an organization can begin planning and defining what's necessary to prioritize and remediate their top risks.

An incident response plan allows them to more effectively contain and manage a breach and not be caught flat-footed.

Using Elite's network to connect with quality service provider agencies who know your industry and its constraints will go a long way toward helping set you down the proper path.