Promotions and Partnerships

We're about building a community and doing right by them.

Elite Security Network can't succeed without an active community that provide us a healthy supply and demand channel. We can't improve our platform without the feedback that comes from a growing participant population that tell their peers and colleagues about us. We can't change the status quo unless we disrupt the standard models that have been in place for countless years.  And we can't push the technology envelope unless we think ahead and partner with other pioneers whose technology helps us create new options and opportunities for our community.

We never like to use the word "can't", but we simply can't do it without our community and partners.


Launch Promotions

Each participant type can benefit by creating their profile during our first two months of availability, July 2018 & August 2018.  Connection profiles created by August 31, 2018 will receive the following promotional offers to use at any time.


Elite Security Network is looking ahead.  Blockchain technologies and secure contracts are beginning to show promise for business scenarios outside of cyrpto currency transactions.  We are just scratching the surface with what's possible using these technologies. A decentralized system where different profiles can be connected anonymously for different scenarios, using a fully encrypted channel to deliver secure transactions, can help us build community trust in our platform.

We are currently working with True protocol as a potential participant in its September, 2018 beta. True is a blockchain technology that is decentralized, open and secure where professionals can discover business opportunities. More at