A new approach for addressing cybersecurity and privacy risk.

We understand that each organization has different goals when it comes to their data, their business model, their financial constraints, and their overall tolerance to risk.  We can appreciate that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to protecting key assets. Elite Security Network provides a flexible, transparent, and consistent model that leans on teamwork, accountability, data, and community feedback that looks to shape a new way to get cybersecurity and data privacy work done.

We look to your help in creating this community, using our multifaceted tool, and providing input on our approach. Join us to help validate that Elite Security Network can help your organization identify the right resources when you need them and establish a tool that will pay dividends for years to come.

Please join us in creating this valuable new resource!

We invite your feedback.


Proof of Concept

Q: What is it?
A: Elite Security Network's “phase 1” period (2018-2019) that looks to prove:

  1. Enabling a Services Marketplace for job candidates and service providers in the critical domains of cybersecurity and data privacy is an effective approach for bridging supply and demand gaps.

  2. Security and privacy service providers who combine forces on a unified platform will help Elite shape an ecosystem that has macro-level risk reduction benefits.

  3. Organizations can more proactively address their risks and seeking out security and privacy services with a model that gives them more autonomy, anonymity, and control than most big box enterprise solutions currently provide.

  4. A closed platform featuring a collaborative & data-driven model will bring out a competitive, yet flexible approach which provides future benefits to all parties.

  5. Objective review and testimonial data will provide transparency into real engagement outcomes, enabling future benefits to both service providers and customers.

  6. Strength in numbers will provide opportunities for our network's participants to shape a new way of working together to combat one of our most complex and vexing problems.

  7. Elite Security Network's data can become a differentiator used by various industries to meet various risk objectives.

  1. Enable a Services Marketplace for various enterprise cybersecurity and privacy services that can effectively pay dividends for different industries looking to address their risks and meet their regulatory compliance needs.
  2. Enable a Services Marketplace that generates consistent demand for our network’s service providers.
  3. Synthesize feedback from network participants on the overall Elite experience, moving the platform from minimum viable product to a production-ready system built to serve the community for years to come and grow with the constantly evolving demands of cyber risk.
  4. Achieve viral growth in profile creation, with companies and individuals reaping greater benefits as the ecosystem grows and serves a larger set of industries and niche focus areas.
  5. Enable a pipeline of qualified candidates into the job market from academic institutions and provide them tools to launch their careers.
  6. Create a positive impact as a collective working body with the shared goal of reducing cybersecurity and privacy risk as a community.
  1. Each participant type can submit both platform and engagement feedback through their respective dashboard functions.  All data collection forms also have built-in feedback capture areas that allow for agile updates to what we collect and how we collect it.

  2. Platform-specific feedback (e.g. profile set-up, data capture and attributes, matchmaking approach, general workflow, business model, etc.) is the primary need.  Focus should be on both business and security perspectives when reviewing content, workflows, and data capture.

  3. Engagement-specific feedback (e.g. engagement specific data captured, including reviews/testimonials) - your general experience and feelings towards specific engagement review questions and rating system for service provider performance is the secondary need.

  1. Proactive Services/Strategies: Security and Privacy services that identify and look to proactively mitigate, reduce, or eliminate the likelihood and/or impact of a customer organization's key risks. Examples include - assessments (various types), audits (various types), engineering best practices and code reviews, building a security or privacy-focused culture, board and executive leadership buy-in, education/workshops/training, incident response planning; penetration testing, security & privacy-based services related to transitioning companies to the cloud.

  2. Ongoing/Managed Services: Security and privacy services delivered via a managed service model for persistent, ongoing threat management. Examples include - intrusion detection, SEIM, firewall, monitoring/alerting across different service offerings.

  3. Reactive Services: Security and Privacy services that look to mitigate & reduce an organization's overall financial/operational impact from a perceived or actual breach.  Examples include - forensic investigations, customer service functions, breach outreach, PR, etc.

  1. Create your profile and login to your dashboard.

  2. Connect with service providers and candidates on the network.

  3. Provide Feedback. Regardless of participant type, submitting feedback (both on engagements and the platform) helps you have a direct impact on how the Elite experience matures.