Reactive services help organizations effectively respond to real or perceived security and privacy events, limiting potential financial, operational, and trust impacts.

When an organization must respond to a cybersecurity or privacy breach, will it be prepared?

If not, what resources does it have to aggressively work to mobilize its teams to contain the incident and manage it in a way that does no further damage?  Many organizations haven't done the necessary planning up front and are thrust into a situation where they must perform under the gun reactively. Whether or not an actual event has occurred, it is best to let professionals confirm assumptions using hard data and facts. Forensic specialists help organizations take an image of relevant data footprints before and after a suspected breach. Agencies that know how to expertly perform incident response and have the track record to prove it go far in mitigating damage.

Leverage Elite Security Network to find resources to help you if you find your organization in this unsavory situation.