Platform Risk Reduction

Elite leverages built-in feedback mechanisms and community input from our body of experts to minimize platform risk.

Business-to-business. We collect basic information that describes our service provider agencies' primary & secondary service offerings, key strengths, and focus areas.  We then match those against the more specific details we get from customer organizations on a given Agency Finder Match connection request. Customer organizations may also provide more detailed Request for Proposals data for visibility to our service provider agencies on an Agency Finder Post connection request.  If a service provider agency can effectively provide the services being summarized, they may submit a proposal to the customer organization.

Staffing Experts. We allow our experts to submit only the data they feel comfortable providing us. Submitting less data means fewer opportunities to be connected with the ideal job; however allowing our experts to control their data and how it is used on our network is basic Privacy 101, which is what we're all about. When a hiring organization submits an Expert Finder request for a specific expert to join their team, they have different options to help them find the right one on our network.

As a collaborative network of top security and privacy experts, we use pooled feedback to improve our odds of reduced overall platform risk. Our experiences, data collection, and features also improve and allow the platform to continually evolve to the demands of the community and the overall dynamics of the market. No individual expert possibly knows everything there is to know about security or privacy, but as a collective body with a variety of experts, we come close.

Elite provides the profiles, platform, branding, matchmaking, engagement workflows and data that give engagement participants consistency and transparency. Cybersecurity and privacy agencies set their own prices, use their own standard operating procedures, and are selected by our customer organizations based on merit.  A customer organization's sensitive data is only managed and seen by their selected service provider, as Elite has no business need to see it.

During the business-to-business connection process, basic profile information is all that is shown to participants on both sides during the preliminary "suggested pairings" phase.  Only after the customer organization has narrowed our list of suggestions down to 3 finalists will the parties see more detailed information and be able to connect with one another.  This process helps to minimize profile and service request visibility of confidential information, reduces bias during selection, and helps customer organizations feel more comfortable in proactively addressing key risks.

Our expert job match service, Expert Finder, allows hiring organizations to post jobs and browse the virtual resumes of those experts on the network who have posted them.  Experts explicitly controls the data attributes they share for this process. Each virtual resume and job posting leverage skill categories and inventories that allow hiring organizations and job seekers to more effectively find one another and connect. More experts on the platform equals more opportunity for individuals and companies alike.