Schools, universities, and technical institutes that offer cybersecurity and data privacy curriculum play an important part in improving future resource balance for these domains. In providing students the baseline skills needed to compete in the job market, they help usher in a new generation of experts. Elite Security Network advocates for higher education by connecting students and academic institutions.

Academia's role in helping demand challenges

Schools have important roles to play in improving the supply and demand balance for cybersecurity and data privacy.  Graduates of universities and technical colleges who have studied these subjects expand the candidate pool for those organizations who need help. To maximize their potential and career impact, students electing to pursue jobs in these fields require the technical skills acquired during their education. By providing diverse and relevant technical curriculum for students hungry to put their stamp on helping to reduce the world's cyber risks, schools and academic organizations will be important players in getting more cyber professionals plugged into the workplace.  

Providing students with data points and schools with a marketing tool

Elite Security Network provides functionality that makes it easier for schools to connect with incoming students.  Students interested in cybersecurity and data privacy programs and academic institutions that offer this curriculum can create connection profiles. The profiles provide academic institutions with a venue for showcasing their programs and offer students an easy way to find the schools that can best help them reach their career goals using a variety of data points. Students can then expect a more seamless transition into the workforce because their profile and dashboard experience is shared with experts already in the workforce.  

New risks as schools transition to digital world

In addition to marketing programs to new incoming students, schools must perform various business and operational functions.  In that capacity, academic organizations also must contend with their own cybersecurity and data privacy challenges.  As they go through different phases of digital transformation, each school faces certain risks unique to education. Students expect technology and social media to be part of the learning experience. By enabling digital consumption of its programs, introducing student devices to its network, and taking advantage of cloud services when appropriate, schools can gain efficiency and more effectively scale their program delivery and reach. These technologies however also leave the CISO and IT staff of the school with new challenges as they consider effective ways to protect their most sensitive data.  

Putting it all together

Elite Security Network provides schools with the same resource search options it provides to other customers on the network, in addition to helping schools showcase their top programs to incoming students. Academic organizations can search for service providers for projects and managed services, as well as candidates for their staff. As a school performs the necessary due diligence to address its own unique cyber challenges, it should consider a multifaceted tool - one that can help it with marketing and risk management.  

Expand the panes below to view the relationship between students, schools, and hiring organizations

Use Elite's student profiles and connection features to:

Research academic programs based on their top areas of interest.

Choose the right school for their academic needs.

Find the right internships for their chosen career path.

More seamlessly transition to the workforce.

Use Elite's academic institution profiles and connection features to:

Make their program offerings visible to top incoming students.

Differentiate their programs from other schools with similar offerings.

Reduce their overhead and increase their revenues with targeted sales and marketing efforts.

Identify resources for project, managed service, and staffing needs.

Seek graduates from these schools to:

Fill net new roles as new technologies force a demand shift in the market.

Fill existing roles vacated by employees in core company functions.

Reduce risk by bringing in newly minted experts with very targeted skill-sets.

Staff a variety of positions requiring varying years of experience, from new graduates (entry level and beyond) to executives.


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