Service Provider Profile

A service provider agency is an entity (company or corporation) that uses Elite Security Network to connect with customer organizations who seek their cybersecurity and/or data privacy services and solutions. For larger service provider agencies, primary users are VP of sales, service line executives, and HR staff.  For smaller service provider agencies, primary users are the CEO or Principal, or their delegates.

Terms and conditions

Please read through and understand the terms and conditions for your profile submission to be considered for Elite Security Network.

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Primary contact information

Your primary contact's first name.
Your primary contact's last name.
Your primary contact's company email alias.
Your primary contact's work phone number.

Service provider profile information

Profile information helps Elite more effectively match your top service offerings to customer organizations looking for them.  You can choose to add these details now or at any time from your dashboard when logged in.

You can enter service provider profile details during now or after you've logged into your secure portal.

Company information

The name of your company/organization.
Enter company website with http(s)://
The total number of employees in your organization.
If there are specific industries that you typically serve, identify them here, and more specifically if there is one you classify as having specialized expertise in providing services. Elite uses industry as a matching criteria. If you serve all industries and don't have a "niche," select "non-industry specific."
Specify the typical size of the customer organization that you provided services to. Customer Organizations may prefer to work with a provider who has more experience with similar size companies to theirs. Selecting "Multiple" will mean you are competing against more agencies for the work.
Elite classifies you as a “specialist” or “generalist” by the number of primary offerings you want to provide on your profile. Specialists can submit one primary service offering where generalists can submit up to five. When identifying your firm as a qualified candidate for Agency Finder submissions, we ask enterprise customers whether they prefer a specialist or generalist. Keep in mind, as you list your primary offerings that you will be considered for more engagements as a generalist, but you face less competition if you are classified as a specialist.
Indicate the services for which you will utilize Elite Network.

Primary and secondary services

If you designated your firm as a "specialist", select 1 Primary Service Offering for which you would like to be considered for placement. If you designated your firm as a "generalist", move to the next question.
Generalists - select up to 5 primary service offerings for which you would like to considered for placement. If you select more than five offerings, you will be asked to remove entries to get to five.
Use this field to differentiate your offerings from those of your competition. This description will be shown to prospective customer organizations looking for your services. Please do not include any company identifying details in the description. Any reference to your company name will be removed and replaced with your "Elite ID" as part of our Service Provider Search service offerings, which hide company identifying details from all parties until finalists are selected by the customer organization. It is important that you put some effort into this description as it will be your primary means with telling potential customers why you are the best for the job.
Regardless of specialist or generalist designation, specify up to 5 offering areas that fall outside of your primary offerings. You will typically not be paired for your secondary offerings, although they will be shown to prospective enterprise customers to help further clarify how you are different than your competition.

Supplementary Information

Supplementary information helps Elite more closely match customers with providers when their top matches have close primary and secondary service offerings.

Indicate whether you offer primarily security services, privacy services, or both.
Indicate the top 3 focus areas for your typical projects. These map to the customer organization intake forms when we ask the customer to identify the general focus for their project.
The way your service offerings identified as "primary" are delivered to your customers
Indicate whether your services can be performed remotely.
Indicate whether you will perform remediation activities for customer organizations whose intake or assessment was performed by another service provider.
Indicate the service categories for which your offerings most closely align.
Indicate the phases of the remediation cycle that your agency performs.
Indicate the way your service offerings identified as "primary" are sold to your customers.
Some service provider agencies don't write up a formal proposal or information summary for potential work, as they don't guarantee a contract. This process is more common in larger enterprise customer organizations, where an organization will bring in multiple agencies for review. If you do not want to respond RFPs or RFIs from a customer organization on our network, indicate that here. This does not reduce your potential for being matched for Service Provider Search (Match) submissions, Elite's other connection mechanism. You can change this setting at any time.
Do you currently have any contractual limitations that would prevent your organization from being matched for Elite Network engagements? (examples might include pending merger, existing partner or re-seller agreements, or any non-compete agreements)
The method by which you typically bill for your services
Select the methods by which you typically invoice your customers.
Provide a description of bill rates in as much detail as possible for your cost structure (e.g. per node, rate varies based on employee performing services, managed service is a set rate or based on consumption, etc.). The more detail provided here, the more clarity the customer will have as part of their decision making process. Ultimately, price points will be recorded in two parts during engagements - the pricing estimate prior to the onset of the actual engagement (if you are selected), and the final cost after the engagement. There will also be opportunities for each party to call out items that impacted the pricing at each interval. As a value-add to customer organizations, we offer them the option of viewing only service provider agencies who publish their pricing information on their connection profile. Posting your pricing information allows customers to budget more effectively for the services they look for on the network. Although it is not required, you will be matched with more engagement opportunities if you include pricing.

Service provider agency declaration

We provide customer organizations on our network a baseline assurance that our service provider agencies take steps to engender trust. These steps are captured and confirmed when you submit your profile. A customer organization may request that you provide evidence of these and other items prior to selecting you for a project. Please see the Agency Declaration: "By checking the box for the Service Provider Terms & Conditions and effectively creating my Elite Service Provider Agency profile and account, I hereby affirm that all information entered in this section is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that I have not misstated or misrepresented any of the foregoing."

The total number of years that my organization has provided services for security and/or privacy.
Indicate the total number of years experience in the domains of cybersecurity and/or data privacy for your organizations's principal or founder.
I can confirm that my organization has performed background screening on all employees.
I confirm that I can produce security clearance documentation for relevant employees at the request of a customer organization if the employee has consented to sharing it.
I confirm that I can produce certification information (CISSP, CEH, etc.) upon request from a customer organization if the expert has consented to sharing it.
I confirm that if my organization leverages the expertise of a former "black hat hacker" (one who is reformed into ethical hacking), I have a process whereby I will inform any customer organizations of their involvement in a prospective engagement.
I confirm that my organization has no active complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or other similar industry publications that would demonstrate poor ethics, deceptive practices, or poor overall customer service.
I confirm that my organization has no formal liens, active litigation (suits against), or other financial hardship at the time of profile creation.
I confirm that my organization carries professional liability insurance which is at the appropriate levels required for the services I provide and will be the primary insured for any Elite engagements for which I'm connected.

By checking the box for the Service Provider Terms & Conditions and effectively creating my Elite Service Provider Agency profile and account, I hereby affirm that all information entered in this section is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that I have not misstated or misrepresented any of the foregoing.


All data capture forms have feedback fields for network participants to suggest ways of improving Elite's experience. Please use the following area to provide us feedback on the service provider agency profile creation process.

If you have feedback on the data collected on this form, please provide it here.