Service Provider Search - Match

Service Provider Search - Match allows you to submit a detailed and prioritized list of attributes that are critical for your outsourced agency to possess, using the same information that we capture from each agency when they create their connection profile.  We then find the top profiles for your request by matching your submitted attributes with those of all agencies in our DB that meet your core criteria. Although not all fields are required, you will typically receive more targeted profiles by sending us more information in your submission.

The email of the primary contact for the customer organization submitting this Agency Finder request.

Scoping information

Project scoping information

Indicate whether the services to be provided for this request is a project (outcome based engagement that has definitive beginning and end) or managed service (ongoing services).
Indicate the service category of your project. Generally speaking, proactive services help mitigate unrealized risks, reactive services help you recover from a perceived or actual event, and managed services help you maintain compliance or provide persistent protection against various threats.
Provide the physical location of the project (city & state) if you require that the chosen agency be onsite.
Indicate the key focus areas for your project that are important for your chosen agency to consider.
Indicate the target date for when your project would ideally start.
Indicate the target date for completion of your project. A project is typically considered an outcome driven engagement that ends when that outcome has been achieved.
Provide the total number of agency resources (individual experts) that your request likely requires. Although this is an estimate, some agencies staff more resources than others and we want to ensure only those with the capacity to perform your work will be included in the response.
Indicate whether your project requires that the agency performing the work for this request be onsite full-time. Many projects in technology can be performed remotely.
Can your project be done fully from a remote location?
Indicate whether the project can be performed with a mix of onsite and offsite resources.

Agency scoping information

Indicate whether your project requires the services of a specialist or generalist agency. Specialists are allowed to enter one primary service offering in their connection profiles, whereas generalists may provide up to five primary service offerings.
Do you require a service provider agency that has a specific depth of understanding or specialization for a given industry in addition to security and/or privacy expertise?
If the agency should have familiarity, and preferably working experience, with a given industry, indicate it here.
Indicate whether you only want to see service provider agency profiles for this project from those who provide their pricing information in their service provider profile.
If it is critical that the agency have more familiarity working with customers of a similar size to your organization, indicate that here.
If you prefer that we look for local agencies for your request prior to non-local agencies, indicate that here.
Describe if there are any specific types of agencies that either should be considered for the project or excluded from the project. Examples - Prefer veteran owned small business. No agency that outsources overseas support staff.

Target agency profile attributes

Indicate the types of services you're looking for an agency to perform.
If your specific service(s) does not appear, please provide it here.
Do you require that the agency have familiarity with specific technology areas or programs?
Indicate the technologies (or technology areas) that an agency will to be experienced with for this request.
If there are key technologies that your agency should be familiar with that were not shown, indicate them here.
Do you require an agency have programming and development capability for your project?
If you have specific programming languages that the agency must have working experience with, indicate them here.
If the programming languages you require of your agency weren't listed, indicate those here.
If your project requires an agency with functional experience in a certain technology stack, indicate it here.
If your technology stack wasn't listed, indicate it here.
Do you require that the agency have specific divisional and/or enterprise functional area experience?
If there is a specific division or enterprise function within your organization that the agency should have functional understanding, and preferable working experience in, indicate it here.


All data capture forms have feedback fields for network participants to suggest ways of improving Elite's experience.  Please use the following area to provide us feedback on the Agency Finder (Match) submission process.

Please provide feedback on the Agency Finder (Match) data collection process and how this form can be improved to account for your scenario.

Select service option

Select the number of agency profiles you'd like to review for your Match request. Elite sends you the top profiles based on the data you input for your request. You choose your top 3 agencies from the profiles you receive and Elite sends you contact details for the primary contact at those agencies.

Select the service option that aligns with the number of profiles you'd like to review for this Match request.