Methods for selecting a cybersecurity or data privacy service provider range from organizations using preferred provider lists to comparing websites of potential vendors. Do these traditional methods provide enough data points to effectively and efficiently help organizations narrow their options?

Elite Security Network empowers its customers to find the right service provider for their unique needs.

The travel search

Using a consumer analogy to illustrate a better way to find a service provider for cybersecurity or data privacy projects, let's consider how travel services are found and purchased.  A traveler has specific requirements that must be met for their upcoming voyage. Can they drive to their destination or do they have to fly? If they fly, do they need a hotel and rental car?  Are their preferred airlines and hotels available during their travel dates? Will the total package meet their budget?

The traveler could research each of these things independently through the respective websites of various airlines, hotel chains, and rental car outfits, but that's hugely inefficient. They could use a major search engine but without multi-dimensional data inputs, that option leaves an experience that is neither comprehensive or user-friendly.  Or they could go to a travel search engine website that consolidates the core data from the most suitable travel service providers given the parameters of their travel constraints, from flights to rental cars to hotels, and presents the traveler with the very best options given their stated requirements.

No "one-size-fits all" solution

Selecting outsourced resources for cybersecurity or data privacy projects and managed services can be viewed through a similar lens.  Every business has different requirements and constraints when they look for supplemental vendor resources.  Smaller organizations may feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of potential service providers available and struggle with differentiating them all. Larger organizations may have contractual obligations to a set of "preferred providers" and may be limited in which agencies they can bring in for interviews.  All businesses have limitations. There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution.

Using the right data to narrow your top service provider options

Organizations on Elite Security Network, regardless of size, can input specific data points to help them narrow down the universe of countless potential service providers to only those that really count.  Presenting customers with the most appropriate service providers given their budget, industry, size, project timelines, and primary service needs is what makes us different.


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