Elite Security Network helps its service providers tap into targeted lead channels, connect with new customers, and expand their professional opportunities.

Elite Security Network's profiles allow service providers, security consulting firms, and managed security service providers (MSSPs) to showcase their key service offerings.

As a services marketplace, Elite Security Network creates greater business value for its customers when more service providers join the network.  Creating a service provider profile allows you to present your primary services to those customers looking for them.  Our customers have different needs, budgets, and overall requirements for their projects and managed services. We provide them with tools that help most efficiently narrow down and identify the best options given their requirements.  In the process, we tee up targeted leads for you as a service provider, by presenting those opportunities that most closely align with your top offerings.

Customer search options

Customers on Elite Security Network have two primary service options to help them identify the most suitable service provider for their project or managed service.


The POST option is intended for customers on the network who have a clearer picture of what they need for their services. Customers post details from their request for proposal (RFP) or request for information (RFI) summaries, which are presented to you in your service provider dashboard (similar to a job post for a job candidate).  Identifying details are redacted prior to posting the summaries on your dashboard to protect the confidentiality of the submitter. Service providers who have the capacity, capability, and schedule flexibility to take on the work can request to bid on the project and summarize why they feel their firm is best for the job. Customers then view the summaries, along a redacted version of each provider's profile who submitted a bid, which protects the confidentiality of your firm's service data.  After narrowing the pool of finalists, customers receive the primary contact details for each finalist service provider and bring them in for interviews. If they feel you're the best for their job, the customer awards you a contract. You sign a separate contract for the work to be completed and perform the work.


The MATCH option is more appropriate for customers who have fewer known project details. MATCH customers put in basic parameters for the request - such as the primary service need, budget, and the date by which they'd like to start and finish a project.  A customer's match request might say "I need a firm that specializes in penetration testing scenarios for an online retailer hosted on AWS, my budget is $100,000 for 8 months of work to be completed by end of Q4, and I need local resources to be onsite with my staff."

Elite Security Network then matches the top service provider profiles on the network that are most closely aligned to the data points in the customer request.  If your profile is one of the matches, and you are selected as a finalist, you may be brought in to interview and ultimately awarded the contract. Like the post option, confidential and identifying information for the request itself, as well as the profiles shared, is redacted to protect confidentiality of both parties. Only the primary contact of the finalist agencies will be shared with the customer.

What is Elite's commission Structure?

We bring customers to the table to reduce the operational expenses related to your lead generation and marketing activity. We want our service providers to feel the opportunities to connect with customers on our network is worth our finder's fee.

At the end of the day, we really want our customers and service providers to have a good experience. Our mission is more about getting needful work done for our customers than taking away from the already slim margins of our service providers. Having a health supply and demand channel requires sensitivity around the needs of both sides.

How it works

To start, all service providers on the network can create, update, and maintain a service profile for their firm free of charge. Elite only collects a commission or finder's fee from a service provider in the following scenario:

  • A customer on our network submits a MATCH or POST request for services.
  • After reviewing their options, the customer awards your firm with a contract to perform their needed work and you are then paid by the customer for your work.
  • Elite collects a commission of 3% of the total invoiced amount that you billed the customer for their project or managed service.
  • Elite only collects commission for work you invoice the customer for during the first year of service.
  • You are invoiced by Elite for its commission upon collecting payment from the customer, regardless of your preferred invoicing schedule for billing the customer.

Answers to frequently asked questions for key topics

Managed services

You are only obligated to pay Elite's commission during the first year of service delivery for a managed service. When you receive payment from the customer, you pay . After that, the customer is yours in perpetuity, free and clear, without obligation to pay Elite further commission for that specific customer.

Projects that expand scope

A customer may decide to expand the scope for a project that you have begun work on.  A project is typically milestone, deliverable, or outcome driven. A managed service, on the other hand, is typically ongoing work with no defined end date. When customers expand the original scope outlined in your contract, you must still pay Elite commission for any work invoiced during the first year. This includes any "add-on" services to be delivered. If your project goes beyond a year and doesn't expand scope until after year 1, we collect no further commission for "add-on" services because they were not expanded during our 1 year commission window.

Cancelled services

If a customer cancels services early, after you've started to perform their project or managed service, you only pay Elite commission for those services you rendered and were paid for. You are not obligated to pay us for a full year if the customer only paid you for 2 months. Again, the rule of thumb is you pay us commission when you collect from the customer.

Net new customers only

You are only obligated to pay commission for net new customers for whom you were connected as a result being selected to fulfill a MATCH or POST service request. In rare cases, you may be paired and selected by a customer for whom you've previously performed services (outside of Elite's network). If the customer and service provider both confirm this to be the case, we will not collect a commission despite having done the legwork to connect them.


After year 1, we collect no commission for those customers who request you perform additional services for them.  These are considered renewal customers. You developed the relationship and earned the renewal work because you did a great job. There is no commission collected by Elite for renewal services.

A system built on trust

Because of the basic code of ethics that cybersecurity and privacy professionals adhere to, we're going to give you the benefit of the doubt in scenarios that don't necessarily have an easy answer. That said, please refer to our terms of use should you have any questions about what we consider nefarious activities of collusion between connected parties. Intentional side-deals or engineered manipulation to avoid paying commission owed to Elite Security Network isn't tolerated and could result in loss of network privileges.

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