Elite Security Network empowers students to find the right schools for their educational goals, find internships, and more seamlessly transition to the workforce.

Students, the future warriors of cyber

Education is key to personal and professional growth. Cybersecurity and data privacy careers, and their inherent challenges, draw professionals whose thirst for knowledge only grows as they move from school into the workforce. Students can have a true impact on helping organizations reduce their risks while improving the resourcing challenges many organizations face today. With greater career opportunity and exciting challenges facing these future cyber warriors, more students pursuing studies in cybersecurity and data privacy means a greater talent pool in the marketplace for the future needs of organizations.

Tools that help students get connected

Students on Elite Security Network can utilize multi-dimensional data inputs for key activities before, during, and after school. For students considering the fields of cybersecurity or data privacy, they can compare key data points from schools that most closely match their learning needs and research the top programs of those schools. Once students have entered their chosen area of study, they can create virtual resumes and apply for internships on the network's job board.  After graduating, student profiles become job candidate profiles, providing students a more seamless transition into the workforce as they utilize the network's job board and virtual resumes to find the position where they can apply their newly developed skill set.


A world of potential connections
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