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If your agency has a profile that most closely aligns with a customer organization's match request, we send them your profile with key identifying details removed.  The number of profiles sent to a customer organization is based on the number of profiles they select in their service offering.

Round one (suggested pairings)

If you are one of the profiles that Elite sends to a customer organization, you are considered for round one - suggested pairings.  At this point, you are competing against the other agencies whose profiles were sent to the customer organization.


Round two (finalist agencies)

Once the customer has reviewed all of the agency profiles, they must narrow down their top profiles. The number of final profiles that the customer organization can select also varies by the service offering. If you are part of this group, you have reached round two - finalist agencies. If you entered this round, your contact details are shared with the customer organization at this time. The customer organization may then contact you directly for next steps. This may be a more formal interview, validation of credentials, or requesting references depending upon the needs of the customer.


Round three (winning agency)

At this point, customer organizations will reach out to you directly to learn more about your offerings, perhaps via a formal interview and further validation that will vary by customer.  If you are the winning agency, you've been selected over the other agencies to perform the work summarized on the match request.  You will be required to complete a separate contract with the customer organization outlining key milestones and other pertinent details relevant for the project.  You are considered to reach round 3 of the selection process if you are chosen as the winning agency.


Communication on potential matches and data points

Elite will send any Match submission details to your dashboard's inbox. You will also be notified when you've reached round two as a finalist agency, or chosen as the winning agency in round three.  This data will be tracked for each agency on the network so that future customer organizations can see how frequently a potential matched agency has entered round 1, 2, or 3.  This data becomes a part of your profile. This not only shows future customer organizations the actual engagements you have performed, but also the potential engagements for which you were considered. This matching data will serve as a metric, like your pricing information, that remains anonymous to all customer organizations. The only point at which your organization becomes linked to it is when you are chosen as a finalist and your contact and company details are shared.