Virtual CISO Jobs

Virtual CISO jobs in today's connected world

Every business with an online presence needs to be sure their security and privacy programs are built and run effectively.  Reach organizations who need your help setting up their program.  

Many companies, particularly those in the SMB space, explore the option of hiring a virtual CISO because of the flexibility it provides them.  Instead of bringing in a high-cost executive resource as a full-time employee, a Virtual CISO can work to build out core elements of the organization's security strategy and put the foundational pieces in place, while doing it in a part-time capacity or even while working remotely. Organizations who may not have enough moving parts to justify a full-time hire can take solace in being able to find an individual with the experience, leadership, and technical skills to lay the foundation for their security program.

The uptick of the Virtual CISO trend

Due to a generally high turnover within the CISO ranks (typical CISOs serve 18 - 24 months in role), the virtual CISO role and trend has only picked up steam and will likely continue to do so during the coming years. Larger Enterprise organizations may have challenges holding onto a great CISO or decide to part ways with their CISO if they experience a breach. They may also delegate CISO responsibilities to their COO or CIO and only bring in a virtual CISO to supplement their project roadmap where it makes sense. Smaller organizations may not have the financial resources or the need for a full-time hire, but a virtual CISO will usually meet their needs given the smaller scale of their operations and technology footprint.

Virtual CISO outsourcing at Elite Security Network

Not all virtual CISOs are created equal, nor should they be. Despite the typical pre-requisite leadership skills that they must possess, a virtual CISO may lean anywhere from a generalist who puts in the foundational pieces for an organization's security program to a specialist that has extensive experience in a given industry or expertise with a core set of technologies. Some may be more business-focused or strategic in their approach, while others stand out with their tactical savvy.  Our expert profiles allow a virtual CISO to call out what makes them unique to an audience that is as unique as they are. Create your connection profile today to highlight what makes you stand out.