Virtual CISO

Does your organization lack the leader who could show you how to guard your kingdom and crown jewels?

Virtual CISO deployments allow organizations to take incremental steps towards building out their security program.

Building a culture on trust

Having sensitive information compromised not only damages your organization's bottom line, but also the trust of its customers. Revenue can be recovered, while recovering customer trust is typically a much more sensitive and ominous task.

Chief Information Security Officers at times play the role of "Chief Trust Officers" because of their role in defending customer trust. In helping an organization define how they collect, use, store, and protect their customer data, a CISO helps to define what it means to establish, build, and maintain the trust customers have in their organization's data practices.  That starts with building the right foundation.

Consider a castle that’s constantly under attack.  It’s important to have weapons and soldiers, but if there’s no brick wall, drawbridge, or moat, it’s much easier for the enemy to penetrate.  Protecting the base is just as important as being able to attack your enemy (or prevent your enemy from attacking in the first place). A CISO who puts the core pieces in place to defend an organization's crown jewels will help build that culture of trust that can then be leveraged as a competitive advantage.


Do I need a full-time Chief Information Security Officer?

Organizations in the enterprise space typically employ a Chief Information Security Officer (or CISO) to define security strategy, manage security staff, implement network and infrastructure controls, and influence security features in products and services.  Small and medium-sized businesses may not require a full-time resource depending upon their industry and business model.  These organizations should consider the services of agencies that deploy Virtual CISOs.

Virtual CISOs are proven leaders who are adept at implementing the right controls for the right situation. This approach benefits smaller organizations that have fewer moving parts yet still want to keep the drawbridge up when the cavalry is trying to penetrate.  A virtual CISO typically works on a part-time basis  and may be brought in for a variety of functional needs, from building the foundation of your security program and influencing leadership to performing audits and vulnerability assessments.

Elite Security Network connects its customer organizations with those agencies that specialize in virtual CISO deployments, and in doing so helps them protect their kingdom, castle, and crown jewels.