Engagement checklists, status, and data capture

Our checklists allow you to monitor suggested agency milestones for each phase of your engagement.  These can be checked and unchecked and re-submitted for an updated view of your engagement.  Once you've completed milestones in the checklists in partnership with your customer, you may move into the next phase of the engagement by updating the Engagement Status in this form to the appropriate phase and hitting submit.

Data Capture and Engagement Feedback from you and your customer are required prior to closing your engagement. Feedback forms can be found in the feedback section of your dashboard.

Engagement information

The ID number assigned for this engagement

Engagement checklists

Checkboxes below show suggested milestones for each phase of an Elite engagement. Complete milestones and move into the next phase of the engagement.

Once submitted visit your portal again to update your progress throughout the engagement cycle.

Use this checklist to track Elite tasks to complete prior to your engagement.
Use this checklist to track Elite tasks during the engagement phase
Use this checklist to track Elite tasks during the data capture phase
These items must be completed prior to moving the Elite engagement status to "Complete."

Engagement status

Indicate the current phase of your Elite engagement.

Engagement data capture

Indicate the date you began actually performing work for the customer organization's project or managed service.
Indicate the date when you completed the project.
If the customer organization introduced any additional scope items after the project began, indicate that here.
If you formally provided an estimated cost for services prior to the project, indicate that number here.
Indicate the total amount invoiced for your services to the customer organization. This amount should equal all invoices paid to you by the customer for your engagement.
Select invoice method used for this engagement.
Indicate the number of employees from your agency worked on the engagement.
How many of your company's total resources were primarily onsite with the customer?
Indicate the number of resources on your staff that assisted remotely on the engagement.
On a scale from 1 to 5, indicate how closely the customer's project was matched to your core service offerings and specialization. This feedback targets Elite's matchmaking process and helps us improve it.



Please provide feedback on the data collected in this form including what we could do to improve engagement checklists, updating engagement status, and collecting engagement data.